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Emergency Supplies and Berkey Water Filters

Emergency Supplies and Berkey Water Filters Increase Confidence

If you are like us, you know that having emergency supplies stored away can create a sense of confidence. Being confident doesn't just come from having the stuff. It comes from thinking things through, identifying what your family needs, and considering possible emergency scenarios. As you think about these important disaster plans, do it with a level head and remain calm. We have found that when people do things out of fear, they do not develop the confidence they will need when disaster strikes.  The emergency supplies and Berkey filters are important, but they alone will not help you survive and thrive. You need to develop a level head and learn to make decisions using calm sound judgement.

Choosing Emergency Supplies

When it comes to choosing emergency supplies, there are a lot of choices. So keep it simple. There are basic supplies you will need before you get any of the extras. Stay focused on warmth, water, and food. These three things will keep you alive. Once you have these emergency essentials, work on putting together a first-aid kit appropriate for your family needs. You can then branch out from there. 

Berkey Water Filters Keep You Healthy

One of the three emergency essentials you will need is water. You should store water enough water for a minimum of 7 days. You should also be capable of replacing the water you have stored after it has been consumed. Berkey water filters keep you healthy because they help you purify water from any source, allowing you to replace the stored water that has been used. As you prepare, think about what water sources are available to you. Write these down and keep them with your emergency supplies and Berkey water filters so you have access to them during an emergency. Also keep a small 5-gallon water carrier that can be used to transport unclean water. This allows you to carry it back to your location to be purified. If you do these things, you will be better prepared than most of the people you know, and you can become part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

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