WonderMill Brand

WonderMill Brand LogoWonderMill Brand mills and mixers offer high quality small kitchen appliances for processing grains and other raw foods. The flagship product is the WonderMill, an electric grain mill that pulverizes grain into flour at a high speed but with low heat, which preserves nutrients that would usually lost when grinding with a traditional stone or steel plate. The WonderMill Junior is a quality hand grain mill that can be used in emergencies where electricity is not available. The mill is clamped to a table or other sturdy surface and the hand crank is turned to produce various textures of flour from course to fine. WonderMill mixers are a line of quality mixers designed to make processing food and making bread a much more enjoyable task.

Did you know?  You can run your WonderMill when the power goes out.  Click on chat and we will tell you how.