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Water Level View Sight Glass Spigot Works With Berkey

The Water Level View Sight Glass Spigot shows how much water is in your Berkey water filter. As water rises in the lower purified water chamber of the Berkey, the spigot reveals how much water is ready for use.

This  Water Level sight glass spigot is 100% compatible with the Berkey water level spigot and was created in response to a need on all stainless steel Berkey water filters to see the water level.  A common problem on all gravity filters is overflow of the lower chamber.  If too much water is added to the upper chamber, and the lower chamber gets too full, the water in the lower chamber will overflow where the lower and upper chambers meet.

Because the stainless steel models are not see thru like the Berkey Light, there is no way to see how much water is in the lower purified water chamber, so in order to know when unfiltered water should be added to the top chamber, the top chamber had to be tipped or removed to see the water level in the lower chamber.  This is an annoyance and sometimes leads to spilling water.

The Water Level sight glass spigot reveals the level of the water in the lower chamber.  By being able to see the water in the lower chamber, water can be added to the upper chamber without risk of overflow.  Generally, when the sight glass has 2 inches of water in it, it is safe to refill the upper chamber.

We have tested the water level spigot on all of the Berkey stainless steel gravity filters over a 10 year period with no problems. Many people have asked for this feature and we have found that this spigot to be an exceptional add on. You will learn how much water to add to your system to make best use of this spigot. This spigot is a third party product and is not manufactured by Berkey, but don't let that scare you. After we found this awesome spigot Berkey stated selling them too! Just make sure if you have a problem with our spigot that you contact us as Berkey only warrants the spigots that come out of their warehouse. We warrant all of our spigots for 12 months from the date of purchase.

How to install The Water Level sight glass spigot on a Berkey Water Filter

Unlike standard Berkey spigots that come with two washers and a nut, our water level sight glass spigot comes with a single washer and nut.  When the sight glass spigot arrives, remove the nut and leave the washer on.  Place the sight glass spigot through the spigot hole in the lower chamber of the Berkey.  Now tip the sight glass spigot on its side to the left so that the water level tube is horizontal.  Reach into the lower chamber and place the nut on the spigot threads.  Hand tighten.  Once the nut has been hand tightened, continue holding the nut, and with your other hand, hold the spigot and the bottom 2 inches of the sight glass tube and rotate the tube to a vertical upright position.  Installing the water level spigot in this way applies an ideal amount of torque on the spigot washer to insure there will be no leaks.

Finally, where the sight glass spigot meets the top of the spigot, you will find a nut and o-ring assembly.  This assembly insures that the glass tube and protective metal protector are securely attached to the spigot.  Check to insure that this connection is hand tightened to reduce the risk of leaking from the connection.  You are no ready to use your Berkey water filter with your newly installed water level view sight glass spigot.
Water Level View Sight Glass Spigot Works With Berkey
Water Level View Sight Glass Spigot Works With Berkey
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"Berkey Water Level Spigot.... NO MORE OVERFILLING"

Bob in Sacramento on 2/15/2011 5:02:39 PM

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Product Review: The Berkey Water filter water level spigot is great because we just marked the spigot for the level we need and then we add water to the top when it reaches the mark. Now we never overfill and we are never out of water!  What a great invention and it was easy to install.