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Water Barrel Los Angeles | 55-Gallon

Millions of people in Southern California take clean safe drinking water for granted every day. Do you? Because there is a real possibility that an earthquake or social unrest could disrupt the water coming to your home at any time without notice. Without water you can't cook, drink, wash, or flush the toilet. How long could you go without water?

The great news is you can prepare for water disruption easily by picking up a few water storage drums from our 55-gallon water barrel Los Angeles pickup location. It is inexpensive and easy to do. In fact, it's so easy, we even had a guy in a convertible Mercedes pick up two barrels at the same time!

It's Easy To Pick Up Water Barrels

Our 55-gallon water barrel Los Angeles location is in Montebello. When you complete your order you will receive an order confirmation via email with your order number. Print it out and take it to the address below to pick up your order. Then don't wait. Go home and fill them. Find a flat surface like a garage floor, basement, or level surface outside and fill the barrel. You can add water preserver if you don't want to refill them every year.

If you don't fill them now, you may fill them with tears of regret later! 

Two Water Storage Barrel Types

Our water barrels come in blue and natural color. Blue is the most popular because it blocks light, which can cause bacteria to grow. However, if you are storing your water in a dark basement, you can also choose natural, which allows you to see the level of the water.

There are also two lid types. These are open top with lever latch or closed top with bung caps. The most popular type is closed top with bung caps because you can screw a pump into the hole for dispensing water.

Water Barrel Types


Product Specifications

  • Food Grade
  • UN Approved
  • Dark blue to keep light out.
  • Weighs 470 lbs when full. Fill it where you want it to stay!
  • Height = 3 ft
  • Diameter = 2 ft

You need one barrel for four people for two weeks.

Los Angeles County Warehouse
1540 S. Greenwood Avenue Montebello, CA 90640
Hours: Mon-Fri / 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM

Barrels ordered before 12 PM Pacific Time Available Same Day

Please note that any barrel accessories you order will be are shipped from our main warehouse. They are not available at the barrel pick-up locations. Any shipping charges you see on your order will be for accessories only. We do not ship barrels.

Water Barrel Los Angeles | 55-Gallon
Water Barrel Los Angeles | 55-Gallon
Water Barrel Los Angeles | 55-Gallon
Water Barrel Los Angeles | 55-Gallon
Water Barrel Los Angeles | 55-Gallon
Water Barrel Los Angeles | 55-Gallon
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