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Travel Berkey

If you do a lot of travel, the Travel Berkey water filter is a great choice. It is one of the most mobile gravity water filters on the market today. The filter is ideal for motorhomes, or campers, and even a small cabin that you visit from time to time. This filter is so small, it can easily be placed in a small duffel bag and be added to your grab-and-go supplies for emergency preparedness.

Travel Berkey Small But Powerful

Don't let the size of this water purifier fool you. This filter is capable of producing 2.75-gallons of water per hour and can filter 6000 gallons before the elements need to be replaced. That is a lot of water. Although the Travel Berkey stands 18 inches while in use, the upper chamber nests inside the lower chamber. So when this filter is stored it stands only 12 inches high. It can easily be stored in almost any motorhome or camper cabinet, or in the trunk of a car with plenty of space to spare.

Water Filter Design

Travel Berkey Stainless Steel Container

This water filter is designed to last. It is manufactured with highly polished AISI 304 stainless steel. Why is this important? Because this type of steel is both rust-resistant and very difficult for living organisms to attach themselves to. Some stainless steel isn't very rust proof. Over time, water finds small hairline cracks in the finish and begins to rust the metal. Berkey has gone to great lengths to ensure that their systems last a long time without the threat of rust. The water chambers are also protected from airborne bacteria and other organisms by using the 304 stainless steel. The metal is so highly polished, it is nearly impossible for them to grab hold and set up shop for lack of a better way of explaining it. Because they cannot hold on, they tend to get washed out with the water and never have enough time to get established.

Spigot Options

The Travel Berkey comes with a standard spigot to dispense water from the clean water chamber. There is also an optional upgrade call a water level spigot. The water level spigot is made of food grade HDPE plastic, a glass tube, and a metal glass tube protector. This option on the Travel Berkey allows you to see how much filtered water is in the lower chamber. This helps you know when to refill the top.

Travel Berkey Specifications 

Gallons Per Hour for Travel Berkey by number of Elements Installed:

  • 2 Elements = 2.5 GPH

Storage Capacity: 1.75 Gallons

Space Requirements: 20-inch height clearance.

Travel Berkey
Travel Berkey
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"Travel Berkey"

Lacie Lee on 5/25/2012 1:27:18 PM

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Product Review: This product is amazing! Easy to assemble as well as to transport. The water through this is truly delicious and I can rest easy knowing that my family is drinking the best water possible! I strongly recommend this product for a small family's water needs! Completely satisfied with this revolutionary product! Kiss bottled water full of chemicals goodbye forever!