The Berkey Guy Berkey Water Filter

The Berkey Guy promotes Big Berkey water filters on the Alex Jones show which is part of the Genesis Radio Network. With a national media reach, the Berkey Guy and Alex Jones have raised awareness of the need for water self reliance, specifically using Berkey Water filters.

Berkey water filters come in five sizes and are used for emergency preparedness and for people with health concerns regarding water quality. The most popular Berkey water filter is the Big Berkey which will hold four Black Berkey water purification filters and can produce between 6000 and 12000 gallons of purified water depending on the number of filters installed. The Berkey Guy has worked with Alex Jones and many other prepper oriented media outlets to raise awareness of the quality of water that can be produced by using Berkey Water Filters in disaster situations or in a financial collapse where clean water may not be available.

Big Berkey Water Filter Information