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The Barrel Bag | Grey Drum Cover


The Barrel Bag is a grey drum cover that provides protection from dirt, dust, bugs, and the sun. It covers any 55-gallon water barrel. The bag is easy to use. Release the drawstring on the bag, slide it over the barrel, and pull the drawstring tight.

One of the drawbacks of using a 55-gallon barrel for water storage is the design of the caps. Most closed top barrels have two threaded holes on the top. One hole takes a fine thread cap and the other hole takes a course thread cap. When these caps are screwed into the holes, there is a gap between the cap and the hole in the barrel. It is very easy for debris to get stuck in-between the cap and the barrel hole. Once the debris is in the crack, it is almost impossible to remove the cap without allowing the debris to drop into the barrel.

The Barrel Bag solves this problem. Because the bag covers the entire barrel, it is nearly impossible for anything to get in the crack between the barrel cap and opening.

Using a cover on your water storage barrel will prevent contaminants from getting your water. Another important accessory that can help prevent contamination is an 8 oz hand pump for 55-gallon water barrel. The handpump screws into the fine thread hole of the barrel ensuring that contaminants do not fall in while drawing water.

Also available: Water Barrel Cover Drum - Black or Heavy Duty Water Barrel Cover in Green

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The Barrel Bag | Grey Drum Cover
The Barrel Bag | Grey Drum Cover
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