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Sport Berkey

Sometimes it just isn't practical to carry around a large gravity water filter to ensure you are drinking safe water. The Big Berkey and Royal Berkey are great home water filters, but you need something smaller to carry with you to work and in the car. New Millennium concepts developed a sport bottle with a water filter inside of it. It is called the Sport Berkey.

Measuring in at 11 1/2 inches tall and 3 inches in diameter, the Sport Berkey can hold up to 22 ounces of water. The bottle weighs 5.5 announces empty, and when you add water, it weighs approximately 2-pounds. It's size and designed make it the perfect fit for bottle holders on a bicycle or cup holders in a car. 

Unlike other Berkey products, their sport bottle is uniquely designed to carry water with you. Rather than pour water in the top of the filter and wait for gravity to do its work, the Sport Berkey is filled and water is filtered by pressing the outside of the bottle while sucking on a straw. For sanitation purposes, the straw is hidden underneath a sliding lid. This allows you to access the straw without touching the straw with your hands which may be contaminated. 

Sport Berkey Uses Ionic Adsorption

This filter doesn't remove contaminants by size alone. Although many contaminants are prevented from passing through the filter due to size, many more contaminants are prevented from getting through by a process called ionic adsorption. That is a technical way of saying that when bad stuff hits the filter, the filter acts like fly paper and grabs onto it. Instead of flies, the filter captures atoms, ions, and molecules from the water, leaving it purified.

Filter Installation and Care

When you receive your Sport Berkey the filter will be preinstalled on the straw. However, before drinking water from the filter, it is recommended that you fill the bottle once and completely squeeze the water out of the straw. Then fill the bottle again and squeeze the water out one more time. This removes any residual dust that was created inside of the filter during the manufacturing process. Once you have cleaned the inside of the filter is ready to use. Simply press on the side of the water filter while sucking on the straw to drink filtered water. 

Each Sport Berkey filter is capable of filtering over 14,000 ounces of water which is roughly equivalent to 110 gallons of tap water.  That means you can refill the bottle 640 times. However, if you are attempting to filter turbid water or water that may be compromised, the filter should be changed every 3600 ounces or 28 gallons. In this case, the bottle can be refilled 164 times before replacing the filter element.

Sport Berkey Best Practice

Your sport bottle will provide filtered water efficiently as long as you keep it clean. We highly recommend if you are going to filter water that is very turbid or has a lot of particulates in it that you pre-filter your water with something like a coffee filter. The only time you would ever need to do this is in a situation where the water is very compromised. Highly turbid water can sometimes clog pores of the filter. Because of how the filter is designed it is difficult to scrub the surface. This is why we recommend pre-filtering highly compromised water. 

Precautions Using Sport Berkey

Other cautions should be taken with this filter. You should never allow water to freeze in the bottle with a filter installed. It will crack the filter. In addition, you should never place the filter in a microwave oven or under a hot flow of water. If you keep these tips in mind, your Sport Berkey will provide quality filtered water.  For safety suggestions, please view "Your Sport Bottle Water Filter Can Kill You."

Sport Berkey
Sport Berkey
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