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Preparedness Advice

Find answers by getting simple preparedness advice. Sometimes its the small things that matter. Below is a collection of insights and preparedness advice that can help make the difference when you need to act calm and collected.
We do not recommend that you reuse grocery store canning jars. Here is why.
Emergency Kit Gear and knowledge of how to use it effectively in an emergency can save you and the ones you love from injury and needles discomfort. Understanding what emergency kit gear is and where you should have it available is key to survival. This short preparedness article should help you ask questions that will lead to being better prepared in any situation.

The old saying, "Make a Kit, Have a Plan" is true. But you also need to know how to use the kit and where kits should be stored if they will be available when you need them.
Find out what the minimum is for your family food storage needs. This easy to use food storage calculator in Excel format is easy to download and use. How much wheat do you need? How much water? These are some of the questions the food storage calculator will help you answer. It might surprise you!

Download the Calculator

Updated 2011: Complex Calculator

We recently came across a more detailed calculator that evaluates ages, calories, work levels and more. You can download it here.

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August 20, 2010 - The term, "Bug Out", is used by preppers and emergency preparedness folks. The term means to leave an established location under the threat of, or actual extreme circumstances, and relocate to a safer place of refuge. Bugging out can include a simple bug out pack carried on ones back, or can involve extensive preparations that include bug out vehicles, shelter retreats in alternative locations, and everything in between. Bugging out has been given new life through prepper shows that have recently popped up on networks like National Geographic.

This preparedness article is for the common everyday family that doesn't have the means or time to build a full blown end of the world bug out retreat. It is important to know how to bug out if you are forced to, but we believe most people will, of necessity, need to shelter in place.
Learning to dehydrate foods can extend the life of your foods long after your garden harvest is complete. Dehydrating is not difficult if you have the right instruction and equipment. We could tell you a lot about dehydrating here, but have found a wonderful resource online that is perfect for learning how to dehydrate. It is called dehydrate2store.com. We encourage you to check it out. Below you will find a sample video from the site.


Learning how to make and use a basic hand washing station for use in the aftermath of a disaster can prevent the spread of disease transferred by your hands. Germs that cause disease can be reduced by using a simple hand washing station made from common items found online and at your local preparedness store. A little planning now can greatly reduce the risk of infection.

Common Misconceptions and mistakes:Some emergency preparedness resources have articles that promote hand sanitizer as a way of eliminating infection due to germs. Although hand sanitizer is better than nothing, it does not kill all germs. Hand washing with soap and water is the best solution.
Whether you are in a natural disaster, or find yourself sheltering in place due to a pandemic, understanding toilet sanitation is important to your health. Learn the basics of how to set up an emergency toilet and how to dispose of waste safely.
Learn how to make granola cereal and what supplies you will need to store in uncertain economic times to make it.
Learn how to make laundry soap out of everyday basic cleaning supplies that will be natural and cost pennies per load.

For years commercial manufacturers have been able to sell laundry soap at high prices because cash was available and people didn't want to take the time to make their own soap. But in tough times, the skill of laundry soap making can save you money and allow you to have laundry soap when there may not be any on the store shelves. Practicing this simple recipe will give you confidence that you can make it on your own if the need arises!

On the right you will see a few products that should be stored for future use. These products are inexpensive, can be found at the local market, and last for years. A two year supply for a family of five can cost less that $50 if you shop smart!
Congratulations for accomplishing the first step in emergency preparation. You have made the decision to take control of possible situations and prepare to become self reliant in the event of a disaster.

But Now What?

In this emergency preparedness blog entry, we give you a few things to think about while shopping for an emergency kit. There is no exact science to buying an emergency kit and supplies. You need to cover the basics of food, water, and protection from the elements, but the rest is up to you and what your needs will be. But here are some ideas.
Sun ovens are fun to use and are environmentally friendly because they consume only the suns rays. This how to video on Global Sun Ovens solar oven will teach you the basics of how to set up your solar oven and get cooking right away.

You will also learn several tips for making your sun oven cooking more effective. Cookware is an important part of your solar oven experience.

Preparedness is not just about having stuff when things go wrong. Preparedness is about having patterns and throught processes that allow you to think on your feet, avoid wasted time and energy, and be mentally prepared when the time comes. One aspect of this type of preparedness is managing preparedness supplies. For many people, this is not an easy task, especially for a person like me. I tend to grab the tools I need for a project, use them, and then leave them where they are until the next project. But that isn't always the best way to do things.

As the owner of a Country Living Grain Mill, you have decided that self-sufficiency and whole, healthy food are important to you. You want to live more responsibly. By grinding your own grains, you have taken another important step towards knowing where all of your food ingredients come from. This is both empowering and liberating.

You are committed to living a healthier, more self-reliant lifestyle and you want your efforts to accomplish as much as possible. If you desire to live as efficiently as possible, it makes sense that you would want to hook a bike up to your Country Living Grain Mill. By hooking a bike up to your grain mill you can greatly magnify your efforts. You will be able to get both exercise and increased grinding output. Using a bike hookup with your Country Living Grain Mill takes your self-reliant lifestyle to another level.

This article explains what food storage is, the different methods used to preserve food, and identifies some of the reasons why having food storage in your household is so important.

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Learning about buckets and what makes them food grade has been difficult to determine. Many people call DisasterStuff and ask what makes our buckets food grade. This article should help you better understand what a food grade bucket is and and why they are important to food storage.