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Imperial Berkey

There is increasing evidence that the fluoride added to our water is toxic. In the last few years, a great deal of research has been conducted on the effects of this toxin. Many experts now believe that fluoride is partially responsible for increases in stunted brain development, lowered mental capacity, and even cancer. Many states and communities mandate fluoridation. Imperial Berkey water filter add-on filters such as PF-2 fluoride reducers can lower fluoride to minimal levels. Unfortunately, many people do not this type of filter to make their water safe. Instead, they purchase bottled water thinking that they are avoiding fluoride. However, most major bottling companies that sell  water use municipal water sources that have been fluoridated. And the filtration processes they use do not remove fluoride. The one exception to this is companies that distill or use reverse-osmosis. But these are very costly and rare.

Imperial Berkey Removes Fluoride

When you own an Imperial Berkey water filter, you already have the ability to filter fluorobenzene and fluridone. Adding the optional PF-2 filter will increase fluoride reduction by filtering sodium fluoride, sodium fluorosilicate, and fluorosilicic. These are all technical words but the main thing to remember is that fluoride is bad and an Imperial Berkey with PF-2 filters can reduce your risks dramatically. Many cities are beginning to look closely at why they are even adding toxins such as fluoride to their municipal water supply. There are costs for equipment, testing, and maintenance that could be avoided. But until cities decide to eliminate the toxin from their water, people are left to filter fluoride themselves.

Filtered Water For A Medium Size Group

This filter really shines when you consider small groups that need water filtration for emergencies, camping, or events. It comes with two Black Berkey filters and can purify up to 5.5-gallons per hour. Add two more sets and 16.5-gallons of purified water can be available every hour. There is one consideration you will need to take into account with the Imperial Berkey that you don't with the Big Berkey and Travel Berkey models. This filter stands nearly 27" when it is in operation. That means that it doesn't fit on most counters with kitchen cabinets above. It's just too tall. But if you are planning on using it on church campouts or at luncheons on a food table, this filter is great. Just put a sticker on it that says water or people will be disappointed that coffee didn't come out!

A Fast Water Filter

One Imperial Berkey water filter can purify water fast, but there is a caveat to that. These filters are fast, but they are not as fast as some of the other filters on the market today. But those other filters generally do not remove the wide array of contaminants that Berkey filters do. The box that these filters come in is 12" long x 3" wide and using a very small typeface, Berkey was barely able to print a list of all the contaminants this filter will remove. If you would like to see the list, go check out our Black Berkey filter page.

Imperial Berkey for Families and Small Groups

When you consider the Imperial Berkey, here is something to think about. The cost of upgrading to the next size Berkey Water filter usually ranges from about $35 to $40 per model. When space isn't an issue, we really like the Imperial Berkey. Why? Because this system has a 4-gallon upper chamber which provides significantly more water pressure for the Black Berkey filters to work with. Two Black Berkey filters in a Big Berkey will produce about 3.5 gallons per hour. The same filters in an Imperial Berkey will produce 5.5 gallons per hour. The benefits of upgrading from a Big Berkey to an Imperial Berkey for around $70 is and additional 16 gallons per day. And you have the added benefit of storing more filtered water as well. Of course, you can always upgrade to the biggest Berkey product, the Crown Berkey, for maximum flow rates and storage if the Imperial is too small.

Imperial Berkey Specifications

Gallons Per Hour for Imperial Berkey by number of Elements Installed:

  • 2 Elements = 5.5 GPH
  • 4 Elements = 11 GPH
  • 6 Elements = 16.5 GPH

Storage Capacity: 4.5 Gallons

Space Requirements: 26.5" height clearance.

Imperial Berkey
Imperial Berkey
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