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How to Make Wheat Bread

Making wheat bread is one of the most basic skills that anybody can learn, improving self reliance skills and confidence when economies are tossed about by uncertainty.   

Four Loafs of 100% Whole Wheat Bread

This recipe makes: 4 Loafs


6 - CUPS Warm Water
1 - CUP Olive Oil
1 - CUP Honey
1 - Dash of Sugar
2 - Heaping TEASPOONS of Salt
15 to 16 CUPS Fresh Ground Wheat Flour


Grind 16 CUPS of whole wheat flour

While grinding wheat do the following

Bowl 1 - Mix 3 CUPS warm water with yeast and a dash of sugar to get it growing faster. Let rise.
Bowl 2 - Mix 3 CUPS warm water with 1 CUP Honey and 1 CUP Olive Oil

When grinding is complete do the following:

Bowl 3 - Mix 16 CUPS of flour and 2 heaping Teaspoons of Salt. 

Mix Bowl 1 into Bowl 2 and stir well
Mix Bowl 2 into Bowl 3 and mix with hands until moisture has been absorbed evenly by the flour.

Your  dough should be moist but not tacky or wet. ADD more flour if your dough is too wet.

Cover your dough in a bowl with a wet tea towel over the top and let rise for approximately 30 minutes.  If you are baking in a room that is cold, it may take longer.  The warmer the room, the faster your dough should rise.  It will come close to doubling in size when it is ready.

While your dough is rising, use olive oil on a paper towel to grease the inside of your bread pans.

Once your dough has risen, remove it from the pan and punch it down with your fist.  This is to get all of the spent oxygen and gases out of the dough.  Then kneed the dough by folding and pushing for about three or four minutes.  Once the dough is kneaded, break off four equal pieces.  Kneed each individual piece of dough and shape for the bread pan, then place the dough in the bread pan.

When all the bread pans are filled, place them in the oven.  THE OVEN SHOULD NOT BE ON YET.  Let the bread rise to about 1/2 inch above the bread pan.  When the dough has risen, which usually takes another 20 to 30 minutes, turn the oven on to 350 degrees and set your timer for 20 minutes.

Here is the important part.  Not everybody lives at sea level or in the high mountains.  So you will need to check your bread to see if there is a very light brown color beginning to show.  When the top of the bread is beginning to brown lightly, note how long past 20 minutes you cooked your bread, and that will be your new time for the future.

If you are patient and wait for 15 minutes for your bread to slightly cool, your loafs should come out easily.  If you are like me, and try to take them out too early, they will stick and your bread will break into chunks when you try to get it out.


Bread Making Supplies

There are a few supplies that you will need if you plan on making wheat bread on a regular basis.  Here are just a few:

Emergency Bread Making

One of our customers came up with a great way to grind wheat during a power outage.  She has two 6 volt golf batteries connected together that are charged with a solar panel.  A power inverter is connected to the batteries to provide AC power to her WonderMill which is very efficient with regard to energy use.  She can grind a weeks worth of power in no time at all.  This technique is great because it allows you to conserve calories by letting the sun do the work!
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How to Make Wheat Bread
How to Make Wheat Bread
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