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How to Bug Out?

August 20, 2010 - The term, "Bug Out", is used by preppers and emergency preparedness folks. The term means to leave an established location under the threat of, or actual extreme circumstances, and relocate to a safer place of refuge. Bugging out can include a simple bug out pack carried on ones back, or can involve extensive preparations that include bug out vehicles, shelter retreats in alternative locations, and everything in between. Bugging out has been given new life through prepper shows that have recently popped up on networks like National Geographic.

This preparedness article is for the common everyday family that doesn't have the means or time to build a full blown end of the world bug out retreat. It is important to know how to bug out if you are forced to, but we believe most people will, of necessity, need to shelter in place.
How to Bug Out?
How to Bug Out?
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