Grain Mills

Grain Mills process whole grains into flour. Most grain mill manufacturers offer electric mills and manual hand crank mills. Some manual mills can be motorized. There are three categories of milling process. These categories include impact milling, stainless steel burr milling, and traditional stone grinding.

  • Impact Mill - Impact mills like the Wonder Mill have a high speed motor turning a blade that impacts the grain and pulverizes it. This type of mill produces low heat, is energy efficient, and maintains a high level of nutritional value in the flour. This type of grain mill always requires electricity.

  • Stainless Steel Burr Mill - Steel Burr mills like the Country Living grain mill and Wonder Mill Junior Deluxe, use hardened stainless steel plates to grind grains. Steel plates can grind wet grains, oily grains, and can process peanut butter and almond butter from nuts.

  • Traditional Grinding Stones - Grinding Stone mills such as the Wonder Mill Junior, produce various grades of flour from very fine to course, and can also make cracked grain cereals. Grinding stones cannot process wet or oily grains, but are very effective at producing the exact quality of flour desired.

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