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Go Berkey

The prospect of becoming stranded due to a storm or natural disaster is not a pleasant one. But we all need to prepare, so that when problems arise we are ready to face them. The Go Berkey water filter kit is a great addition to your preparedness supplies in your vehicle or backpack. Although this water filter is not intended for daily use on a regular basis in your home, it is ideal for stowing away in your car or truck should an emergency ever happen when you are on the road. 

Go Berkey In A Vehicle

Go Berkey really is the ultimate in personal water filters. The kit contains one black Berkey filter element that will purify 3000 gallons of water, a stainless steel container, and one Sport Berkey. Use the Sport Berkey to carry water and filter as you go. Use the Black Berkey filter with the stainless steel container to filter water when you stop for extended periods of time. Combined, these two filters will provide everything you need to survive a water emergency.

One example where the Go Berkey would be valuable is during a hurricane or big storm. In the aftermath of a large storm, many people become stranded, unable to return to their home. With a Go Berkey, you will always have access to safe clean water. Remove the kit from your vehicle, dip the Sport Berkey into any nearby water like a gutter or pooled water on the ground, secure the cap and drink from the straw. The water is filtered as you drink.

Water Filter for Boating

Another great place to stow a Go Berkey is a boat. There are times when people are out boating and they get stranded because of water ski ropes getting wrapped around propellers, running out of fuel, or motor problems. When things like this happen, access to a kit like this is invaluable. Because you are surrounded by water, all you need to do is fill up the stainless filter or Sport Berkey and purify the water for drinking until help arrives. 

Go Berkey Specifications 

Because the Go Berkey kit has two different water filters in it, it is necessary to discuss each one separate. The sport bottle that comes with this kit has a filter that will reduce the contaminants that you will come across while camping and hiking. However, to remove many more contaminants that you would find in a populated area, you will need to use the black Berkey filter element with the stainless steel container. The black Berkey filter has a thicker wall and therefore removes more of the chemicals that may be released and carried by ground water. 

Go Berkey Specifications For The Black Berkey Filter

Gallons Per Hour:

  • 1 Element = 1 GPH

Storage Capacity: 1 Quart

Space Requirements: 14.5" height clearance. Collapses to 10 inches.

Specifications for the Sport Berkey

  • 1 Element = 640 Refills non-turbid water
  • 1 Element = 164 Refills turbid water


Go Berkey
Go Berkey
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