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Emergency Preparedness Questions And Answers

Find answers to commonly asked questions that have come from other customers about our preparedness products. If you don't see your question with an answer, please ask your question here and we will get it answered quickly.

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Berkey Filter Questions
Berkey water filters are the gold standard of gravity fed water purification. The filter systems are designed to be simple in concept and use. But sometimes Berkey filter questions arise that can be easily answered and understood. Find your answers here.
Electromagnetic Pulse EMP Questions
EMP from a solar flare or from a terrorist attack on America is credible and possible. EMP questions and answers in this section were created based on customer input and questions.
Preparedness Advice
Over the years our customers have come up with some great question, looking for preparedness advice. Find answers to your preparedness questions here.
Product Warranty
Great products come with great warranties. We have compiled the product warranty information for all of our offerings in one location so you can find them easily.
Water Storage Questions
Water storage questions are some of the first questions people ask when they begin their journey to becoming more prepared. Water preparedness includes identifying water sources, learning how to treat water, and finding ways to safely store water.
Training Videos
Enjoy these brief training videos related to the products we sell.