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EMP Proof Bag - 8 x 16

EMP proof bags protect worthwhile memories.

The nuclear warheads have gone off. And you never got an EMP proof bag. Through a miracle and preparation, you and your family survive. But after a while of living off provisions, distraught starts to settle into your hearts. Your family, your children especially, feel overwhelmed and trapped in their current environment. You want to boost their spirits by showing them a picture you took at the beach a couple of years ago. But in a panic, you realize that all your technology, the backbone of our now society is gone.

The EMP proof bag won't keep the bombs from going off, and it won't keep bad things from happening to good people. But keeping years of photographic memories will make the road back a little lighter. We enjoy the blessing of technology that allows us to look at pictures with just a flip of a thumb. How stressful would it be to lose pictures of your wedding, your graduation, or the camping trip you took your 6-year-old too?

An EMP proof bag will keep you safe.

And it's not just memories that the EMP proof bag can protect. It can protect a vital lifeline: communication.  Throughout history, humans have come up with many different ways of communicating distress. There are smoke signals, S.O.S signs, and flying a flag upside down. But the most effective ways of communicating are through radio and cell towers. Research shows that cell phones should work after a nuclear blast if they are protected. It is vital that you protect your electronics with an EMP proof bag. This will allow you to quickly and effectively reach out to others for help. 

The EMP Proof Bag is worth a fortune.

This 8 by 16-inch bag will keep you and your family secure, supported, and self-sufficient. This $7.80 investment will help protect your family.  There are different forms of Faraday cages, but this bag is convenient and reliable.  This bag is easy to carry, while a cage or a metal trashcan would be a bit difficult to lug around. This EMP proof bag shields against EMP and protects electronics to a MILSPEC standard. The EMP proof bags multiple layers protect electronics from damaging amounts of electricity and it protects against EMI/RFI which causes circuits to fail and electronics to lose data.  

And the EMP proof bag shields from Electromagnetic interference between 1 and 10 GHz at 40 decibels. Electromagnetic interference limits how well your electronics can work. The construction of this bag makes it highly effective at protecting your electronics. It is so easy to protect your devices, to protect your radio, cell phones, and camera, and it's so important.  Protecting your data and communication, getting an EMP proof bag is a responsible choice. 

EMP Proof Bag - 8 x 16
EMP Proof Bag - 8 x 16
Price: $7.80
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