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EMP Bags

I think we can agree that EMP Bags, which provide EMP shielding for electronics, are an important part of a well thought out emergency plan. It makes sense to protect radios and other electronics that will be useful for communication after a solar EMP or man-made EMP. I want to tell how these bags will help, and I promise they will. But first, let me explain a few things. Understanding the simple concepts I am going to share will arm you with knowledge that few people ever grasp. You will be empowered to make choices based on facts instead of fear. Click here to learn 3 Steps To Using EMP bags.

3 Simple Steps To Using EMP Bags

I promise if you take the time to understand the 3 simple steps, you will be confident in your choices about EMP. When you are done reading about them, browse the Bags we have above to meet your size requirements.

1. Protect Based on Decibel Strength - EMP Bag Nesting

There are several sources that can generate an electromagnetic pulse. These include the sun and a detonation of an EMP-generating bomb above the earth. Regardless of the source, when an EMP occurs, energy is transferred through the air in the form of gamma radiation which excites electrons that interact with the earth's magnetic field. When this energy hits anything metal, it gathers on the metal and the metal conducts the energy. If you have sensitive electronics at the end of that metal, the energy pulse will overwhelm the electronics and burn them out. Telephone wires, power lines, and antennas are just a few of the long metal conductors that will capture and conduct EMP energy. Any wire can potentially conduct EMP energy.

Why do I need to know this?

Well, a typical solar flare produces about 50 decibels of gamma radiation and an EMP bag filters about 44 decibels. Using a single EMP Bag, in this case, is sufficient to reduce the strength of the EMP to only 6 decibels, which will not harm electronics. This is also true for a standard EMP bomb detonated over the country. But some countries have developed Super-EMP bombs. 

One bag that filters 44 decibels is not sufficient to protect against a Super-EMP. It is estimated that a single Super-EMP can produce 80 decibels. So to provide EMP protection against a Super-EMP, you have to nest one bag inside another to increase the decibel protection to 88 decibels. Doing so will completely block the Super-EMP energy.

With this basic understanding, you can now make decisions about how to prepare to protect your electronics from EMP and Super-EMP blasts. If you believe, as the military does, that the United States will most likely be the target of a Super-EMP, you should plan on nesting or doubling your bags inside each other to get a full 88 decibels of protection. 

2. Keep Your EMP Bags Sealed

EMP energy will always find a path to metal and begin to collect and conduct. When a solar generator is placed in an EMP bag, the metal layer of the bag redirects the energy of the pulse away from its contents. But if the bag is left open, protection is lost. The EMP energy will find the open space and the pulse will destroy what is in the bag. This is particularly important for people who have solar generators because there is a tendency to want to keep the generator in the bag but plugged into the wall to keep the battery topped off. Keeping the generator plugged in essentially attaches the generator to the power grid which will conduct massive amounts of EMP energy should a pulse occur. 

What should I do to keep my generator charged?

I cannot emphasize enough that you must keep your Faraday bags sealed to get the full benefit of their protection. So I recommend that you put yourself on a charging schedule. A good rule of thumb is to unzip your bag once a week, plug your generator in for a few hours to top it off, and the immediately replace the cord in the bag and re-seal it until the next charging. If the time should come when news reports start to surface about escalation between North Korea, or any country unfriendly to the United States, we recommend that you keep your EMP Bags sealed at all times.

3. Prepare For A Second EMP Strike

After all that you do to protect against an EMP with Faraday technology and EMP zip lock bags, don't be caught off guard. Based on current information from the U.S. military, there is a high probability that when the United States is hit by an EMP, there will be a second EMP just weeks later to finish off any electronics that weren't disabled during the first strike. In the immediate aftermath of an EMP strike, it may be safe to use your protected electronics for a brief period of time, but you should plan on staying low tech for a few weeks. Some preppers even store "expendable" electronics to use in between the first and second strike so they know when the second strike happens. The second strike will destroy their "expendable" devices that aren't stored in bags and they will know when the threat is past.

Buy Bags

Now that you understand decibel ratings, how to store your electronics and the threat of a second strike, it is time to select your bags. Measure your devices and select bags based on size. Then select larger bags for nesting. Complete your order and we will get them shipped out right away. Then hope for the best but expect the worst and be vigilant.   

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