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ED Goodloe's Aerobic Stabilized Oxygen formerly Aerobic 07

This is the original stabilized oxygen from which many imitations have been created. We highly recommend you use the original for health and water stabilizing needs. Many of the imitations do not have the same quality.

One bottle of Ed Goodloe's stabilized oxygen will treat two 55 gallon water barrels for 5 years.  Two drops will keep the filtered water chamber of your Berkey Water Filter fresh for a week. This bottle of stabilized oxygen is 2.36 oz.

Ed Goodloe's Stabilized Oxygen

First, to begin with, Ed Goodloe's stabilized oxygen is often called Dr Goodloe's Stabilized Oxygen. People call it this, but Ed was not a doctor.

Use stabilized oxygen for safe drinking water in an emergency, disaster, hiking, traveling abroad or camping. Ed Goodloe's Stabilized Oxygen is the original and authentic stabilized oxygen that kills anaerobic bacteria.

What is Stabilized Oxygen?

Stabilized oxygen is a liquid concentrate of non-toxic stabilized electrolytes of oxygen in molecular form. This concentrated formula has the ability to selectively single out bad bacteria and kill it in it's tracks while preserving beneficial aerobic bacteria needed for clean water and good health.

Water Storage and Stabilized Oxygen

Long-term water storage is a key component of emergency preparedness. But long term water storage has usually involved filling 55-gallon water barrels with water every 6 to 12 months. Rotating water takes is difficult and takes a lot of time, which means that water rotation often doesn't get done, leaving the water in your water barrels stale. Stabilized oxygen frees you from rotating 55-gallon water barrels (over 400 lbs each). Here is how it works.

How to Store Water with Stabilized Oxygen

Each bottle of Stabilized Oxygen can treat two 55 gallon barrels of water. Do the following:

  1. Drain existing water barrels or open new barrels
  2. Rinse inside of water barrels completely and drain.
  3. Fill water barrels half way.
  4. Pour 1/2 of a 2.36 oz Ed Goodloe's Stabilized Oxygen bottle into the barrel.
  5. Fill the barrel to the rim making sure that all the air is out of the barrel.
  6. Cap the barrel tightly and store water barrel in a cool flat place.
  7. Allow to stand for 24 to 48 hours to ensure that any harmful water-borne pathogens have been neutralized.

FAQ's About Stabilized Oxygen

Question: Does stabilized oxygen have the ability to cure me of disease?

Answer: At this time, there is no proof that stabilized oxygen is a direct cure for any disease. However, stabilized oxygen does add more oxygen to your body, and oxygen is a very powerful component of your immune system. It is believed that using stabilized oxygen on a regular basis can enhance your immune system, destroy anaerobic bacteria and promote good health.

Question: How much should I use for health purposes?

Answer: The makers of Ed Goodloe's Stabilized Aerobic Oxygen recommend about 10 -20 drops per 8 oz. glass of water.

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ED Goodloe's Aerobic Stabilized Oxygen formerly Aerobic 07
ED Goodloe's Aerobic Stabilized Oxygen formerly Aerobic 07
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"Still The Best!"

George Haynes on 1/31/2017 10:46:47 PM

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Product Review: I haven't tried any of the other Stabilized Oxygen out there because the others don't have the same amount of oxygen as Goodloe's.

"Treats two 55 gallon barrels!"

Andrew Davidson on 5/13/2015 10:14:01 AM

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Product Review: Better than bleach. The bottle treats two barrels, not one, so don't just dump it in there. Make sure you fill barrel all the way so that there is little to no air as well.

"ED Goodloes Aerobic Stabilized Oxygen"

Hearl Condon on 3/4/2015 2:20:04 PM

Empty Star Empty Star Empty Star Empty Star Empty Star

Product Review: Great product for water storage, good price here, and good shipping.

"Dr. Goodloes Aerobic Oxygen"

B Man on 7/21/2014 10:03:48 AM

Empty Star Empty Star Empty Star Empty Star Empty Star

Product Review: Received my product very quickly. Customer service was efficient. I was very glad to learn of Dr. Goodloe's Aerobic Oxygen for long-term water storage. It is common to recommend a bleach solution for such uses. Bleach, even in small quantities, is not something you want to ingest. Aerobic oxygen does the same job better AND it is beneficial to your overall health....a big consideration during a disaster situation. I recommend both the product and the DisasterStuff.com company. Thanks.

"Very Potent - Use sparingly and don't waste your product "

Angus on 7/19/2013 4:05:37 PM

No rating

Product Review: I knew E.D. Goodloe well. Have used his drops in three foreign countries as our family moved around the world in missionary service. In a 5 gallon bottle Ed always used 30 drops of A07. Six drops per gallon in a five gallon bottle. For one gallon he recommended 10 drops. So, don't waste it, use it sparingly.

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