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With the threat of financial collapse world wide, and media and government creating propaganda to keep the average person in the dark about what is really going on in our society, being prepared with emergency supplies is the only way to insure that you and your family are safe. Provide your family with safe water from Berkey Water Filters, a means of communication by protecting your radios with EMP Faraday bags, and plenty of food storage from trusted names like AlpineAire, Mountain House, and Lindon Farms.

Berkey Water FiltersBerkey Water Filters for Financial Collapse

The ability to purify water after a financial collapse will allow you to provide clean safe drinking water for your family. In addition, having a water purification system with extra filters will allow you to trade clean water for supplies that you may not have been able to store before the collapse. Berkey water filters are gravity filters and require no power to operate. Simply pour the water in the top chamber and it comes out clean in the lower chamber. Buy a Berkey Water Filter Now.
EMP Faraday Bag for Financial CollapseEMP Faraday Bags for Electro Magnetic Pulse from Sun

EMP Faraday Bags can protect your radio, phone, and other sensitive electronics from a electromagnetic pulse created by the sun or by a rogue nation setting off a high altitude nuclear warhead high above the United States. A EMP will destroy most electronics with integrated chips. Integrated chips are installed in almost every modern electronic device including many generators, radios, televisions, ham radios, and more. You can protect these electronics using an EMP Faraday Bag.

Food Storage for Financial CollapseFood Storage for Food System Collapse

When things start to collapse, you can be the person watching people fight for the last can of dog food on the news, or you can be the person fighting for the food. The difference is emergency food storage. Don't wait until it is too late. Food is getting more expensive every month. Shortages are coming. We are seeing it with ammunition now, and we will see it with food soon. Don't delay. There are great products to choose from. Mountain House food storage, AlpineAire Foods, Lindon Farms food, and many other options are available and ready to ship. Get food storage now.