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Crown Berkey

Nobody wants chemicals in their drinking water. Yet most cities in the United States use chlorine or chloramine to keep the water safe while it is distributed through the water system. Crown Berkey water filter removes chlorine and chloramine from your water. Removing these harmful chemicals increases the health benefits of drinking water. 

Crown Berkey Removes Chlorine and Chloramine

Nobody will debate the fact that chlorine and chloramine are great disinfectants for water. They have reduced the occurrence of waterborne disease for years in the United States. However, as good as these chemicals are at reducing waterborne disease, they are horrible for the human body. To protect your health you must find a way to remove these chemicals from the water before they get to your family's dinner table, and this filter does it very effectively.

Water Purifier For Large Groups

Big Berkey water filters are a great way to remove these chemicals on a small scale for your family. However, for larger groups, a much bigger solution is necessary. The Crown Berkey can hold up 8 water filter elements. This allows the filter to remove chlorine and chloramine at a rate of 26 gallons per hour. When you need purified water for a large group and you need it fast, this Berkey system delivers. In fact, it has been used by church groups and relief organizations for years. It is a proven method of providing clean safe water.


Crown Berkey is the largest stainless steel gravity filter made by Berkey. It is capable of filtering an incredible 24,000 gallons of water before replacement of the eight Black Berkey filters is necessary. Crown Berkey stores 6 gallons of drinking water. Eight installed Black Berkey filters will purify 26 gallons of water per hour.


Who Buys a Crown Berkey Water Filter?

Some customers ask who actually buys a Crown Berkey water filter? The answer is more people than you may think. Customers that purchase Crown Berkey filters are usually looking for a high gallon per hour rating and the ability to store a large amount of purified drinking water. This system is popular with churches, relief groups, emergency service groups, camp kitchens, and large families. Most people who buy a Crown Berkey are not concerned with size or space requirements. Standing nearly 32 inches in height, it is more of a table top filter than a counter top filter unless your counter doesn't have cabinets above it. You will find Crown Berkey filters all over the world. Some of our customers take them to third world countries and donate them to orphanages. Other customers, specifically churches, will purchase and store one or more Crown Berkey systems with all 8 filters installed to be ready for a local disaster or emergency. There are many other uses for the Crown.

The Crown Berkey comes standard with 2 filters. It includes 6 white blocking plugs for the other filter slots. These blocking plugs can be removed to add more filters.

Crown Berkey Specifications

Gallons Per Hour by number of Elements Installed:

  • 2 Elements = 6.5 GPH
  • 4 Elements = 13 GPH
  • 6 Elements = 19.5 GPH
  • 8 Elements = 26 GPH

Storage Capacity: 6 Gallons

Space Requirements: 31.5" height clearance.


Crown Berkey
Crown Berkey
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