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Cell Phone EMP Protection | 8 x 8

If you don't have Cell Phone EMP Protection you are missing out.

The safety of our country is uncertain. We live in tense times. If you do not have cell phone EMP protection, your ability to be prepared for a disaster is doubtful. If you do not prepare for and prevent loss of technology, you and your family will be vulnerable.

A nuclear detonation would cause an Electromagnetic Pulse or HEMP (High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse) which would ruin cell phones. Imagine how stressful it would be to be affected by a nuclear detonation. That alone is terrifying. Now imagine how distressing it would be not to be able to communicate with your loved ones.

The greatest gift you can give yourself and your family in the midst of disaster is the security that comes from being prepared. But if you are only focusing on food storage and testing flashlights, your preparations are inferior; if you do not have cell phone EMP protection, you are not prepared.

Cell Phone EMP protection will keep you safe. 

But there is a highly effective way to keep your cell phones secure: Cell Phone EMP Protection through Faraday bags. EMP Research has shown that Cell Phone EMP protection will keep cell phones usable. A faraday bag, put simply, redirects electromagnetic energy and protects your devices. How astounding would it be to be able to communicate with family and be able to help others communicate with theirs? Keeping your cell phone working would keep you and your loved ones stable and self-sufficient.

The Cell Phone EMP bag is superb "cell phone EMP protection.

There are many different creative ways to achieve cell phone EMP protection. But our cell phone EMP bags are unprecedented. Our EMP bags are solid. They're made with durable 7 mils Mylar, layered with EMP blocking conductive layers that protect against ESD, EMI/RFI, and tribochargin. You can be assured that we will protect your device.

Our EMI shielding can protect to up to 10 GHz. The Resistivity-Conductive Metal layer protects your device by resisting the electric flow of more than 2 Ohms per square inch. And it's strong. It has a Tensile Strength of 735 lbs. In other words, it would take 735 lbs of pressure pulling at this 8" by 8" bag to tear it. And its puncture strength is over 38 pounds. Our EMP bags were made to last and are reliable. And to top it off, it's more effective at keeping your devices dry than foil laminates. Our EMP bags are made of genuine military grade material for self-sufficient individuals and families. Our cell phone EMP bag is not a hefty investment, but it is a necessary one.

With cell phone EMP protection, you will be responsible, relaxed, and confident.

Nesting our EMP Bags

Each bag protects about 40 decibels of power. One bag will protect a cell phone from a standard EMP. Two bags, one nested inside of the other will protect against a Super-EMP which is 80 decibels.

Cell Phone EMP Protection | 8 x 8
Cell Phone EMP Protection | 8 x 8
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"Great product, slow shipping."

Greg Koziol on 6/12/2017 6:49:01 PM

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Product Review: Very thick material, shipping took a little long it took about 2 to 3 weeks. The wait was worth it though.