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Black Hole EMP Faraday Bag Medium

The Black Hole EMP Faraday Bag medium is a long EMP Bag that measures 15" x 8.6" with an effective inside dimension of 11" x 7.8 inches. It will protect medium size electronics, digital camera equipment, and handheld amateur radio equipment from an electromagnetic pulse. Durable black canvas outer shell.

Black Hole EMP Faraday Bag Medium

This EMP Faraday Bag is often used to secure several electronics devices at a time to protect them for electromagnetic pulse as well as RF transmit and receive functions between a device and network. The Faraday bag is designed with multiple layers of protection, including an outer shell of black canvas to protect devices from physical damage. It comes in two different styles, either with no window or a clear window which reveals the contents of the bag without compromising RF security.

How to use the medium Black Hole EMP Faraday Bag

The medium EMP Faraday Bag has a single opening. Because this bag is often used with more than one device, you may want to have a few strips of foam padding to separate each item in the bag from touching the other electronic devices. This is mostly to prevent physical scratches and damage and will not effect the EMP shielding. Place the devices in the bag. Fold the opening of the bag in a one inch strip. Fold the opening of the bag a second time in a one inch strip. This creates a double fold at the end of the bag, which is necessary to insure proper shielding. Secure the fold using the Velcro strip and firmly press to make sure the strip is secure. Your devices are now firmly secured and protected from RF interference and EMP bursts.

What can I protect with the Medium Black Hole EMP Faraday Bag?

One of the best uses of the medium Black Hole EMP Faraday Bag is the protection of handheld HAM radios with long antennas. Because the bag has an effective usable space of 11" x 7.8", it is possible to store an antenna with the radio rather than in another location. It is still recommended that the antenna be placed in the bag unattached to the radio, but the antenna is with the radio for easy access. Another great use for the Medium Black hole EMP Faraday Bag is protection of a spare internet modem and router as backups for after an EMP.

Shielding Specifications

Shielding 900 MHz 1.8 GHz 2.1 GHz 2.4 GHz

62 dB 53 dB 60 dB 51 db

Video Explanation of Back Hole EMP Faraday Bags

Watch this brief video explaining Black Hole EMP Faraday Bags, how they are used, and what styles and options are available.

Black Hole EMP Faraday Bag Medium
Black Hole EMP Faraday Bag Medium
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