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Black Berkey Primer Tool

A Black Berkey Primer tool can help you prime your water filters when water pressure from a sink is not available to use the priming button. Black Berkey water filters work best when they are fully saturated with water prior to use. This can be accomplished by forcing water into the drip tube and out the pores of the filter. But when you don't have water pressure, this can be difficult. The Black Berkey primer tool solves this problem.

Assembling the Black Berkey Primer Tool

The Black Berkey primer tool comes in a small plastic bag with instructions on how to assemble it. There are two tubes, two stop valves, a 90-degree angle hose adapter, a Black Berkey stem adapter, and the pump.

  1. Take one tube in hand and insert the Black Berkey stem adapter.
  2. Take the other tube in hand and insert the 90-degree fitting.
  3. Insert the backstop fittings into the pump both pointing the same direction. Add the tube with the 90-degree angle fitting to the outflow side of the pump.
  4. Screw the Black Berkey water filter on the adapter.
  5. Submerge the Black Berkey water filter in water and begin pumping. This will force the water into the filter and out the top of the pump at the 90-degree fitting.


Priming Filters Without The Black Berkey Primer Tool

The Black Berkey primer tool is a great accessory for convenience, however, if you do not have the primer tool you can still primer your filters. Before the priming tool was available people would prime the filter manually and then wait for the filter to become fully saturated. This can be accomplished by filling the filter through the drip tube and then installing the filter. Turn the sink on with a slow steady trickle of water. Place the filter under the stream upside down and fill the inside of the filter by directing the water stream into the drip tube. When the tube is full, install the filter and fill the upper chamber. By prefilling the filter, you remove any air pockets that may be trapped on the inside. Keep the upper chamber filled and over the next 48 hours the filter will become super saturated. 


Black Berkey Primer Tool
Black Berkey Primer Tool
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