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Berkey goes dry so now what?

We have a lot of customers call us after a vacation, asking the question, what if my Berkey goes dry. The short answer is nothing. If your Berkey goes dry during a long period of non-use, your Black Berkey elements are just fine, but they will require a bit of priming.

When My Berkey Goes Dry

It happens all the time. One of our customers will leave on a long vacation, come home, and find their Berkey water filter has dried out. With a set of Black Berkey elements costing nearly $100, concern over whether a Berkey goes dry is real. But there is no reason to worry. None of the materials in the Black Berkey filter element can be damaged by drying out. The solution is to soak them or prime them.

Priming When My Berkey Goes Dry

All Berkey filters are actually shipped dry, so if you let them get dried out, just prime them again. You can do this two different ways. The easiest, but slightly less effective way, is to just fill the top chamber of your water filter with water and give them time to soak. If you want to get them primed faster, you can use the included priming button or the new Berkey priming kit. Its that easy.

Berkey goes dry so now what?
Berkey goes dry so now what?
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