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Berkey Water Filters

Berkey Water Filters Authorized DealerWe are an authorized Berkey dealer. Berkey water filters are gravity fed water purifiers that do not require power or water pressure to work. Used by relief organizations around the world, you can enjoy the benefits of the Berkey water filter systems listed below in your own home. All of the stainless steel systems are manufactured using highly polished AISI 304 stainless steel. They are long-lasting and easy to clean. Learn More

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Berkey Water Filters Use Gravity

Unlike many water filters on the market today, Berkey water filters do not require electricity or water pressure to work. This allows you to install your water filter anywhere you choose. This characteristic also makes this filter system ideal for emergency preparedness, camping, and other mobile applications.

Each of the stainless steel filter systems has a top chamber and a bottom chamber. The top chamber houses black Berkey filters. Water is poured into the top of this chamber. As the water passes through the filters, it enters the top of the bottom chamber through a drip tube. The water is then stored in the lower chamber until it is dispensed through the provided spigot. This is all done by gravity. 

Simple and Cost Effective

The goal at new millennium concepts has always been to keep water purification simple and cost effective. All of the filters work on gravity. There are no expensive pumps or electronics in the systems. This keeps operation and maintenance extremely cost effective. In fact, on average, most users experience a cost of around 1.7¢ per gallon. This is extremely low compared to other options. About the only maintenance required on the systems is occasionally cleaning the chamber's, and scrubbing the black filters with a scotch bright pad from time to time if your water is turbid. For the most part, these water filters are maintenance free.

Berkey Limited Warranty

We rarely have warranty issues with Berkey water filters. However, Berkey does have a one year warranty on the stainless Steel Systems. In addition, there is a two-year prorated warranty on the Black Berkey filters. New Millennium Concepts is very good at working at with customers who have filter issues.  

How The Black Berkey Elements Are Prorated On Berkey Water Filters

The black Berkey warranty is prorated every six months. For the first six months, if there are any warrantied problems, the filters will be replaced at no cost. During the next six months, credit is issued for 75% of the cost of the filters. During the next six months, credit is issued for 50% of the cost of the filters. If the filters fail in the last six months of the two-year warranty period, a 25% credit will be issued toward the purchase of a new set. 

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