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We are an authorized Berkey dealer and sell genuine Berkey parts and filters. Most orders ship the same day. We promise to get your system up and running again as quickly as possible so you can continue enjoying the healthy, clean, and safe purified water you have come to expect from Berkey. We stock all major parts and accessories for all stainless steel filters, the Berkey Light, Bucket Berkey, and British Berkefeld water filter. We also offer chat and phone support if you need help installing your Berkey parts. We are happy to help you determine which replacement parts will work for your system. When we are available, you will see the online chat box at the bottom right of this window. You can also find more information at the bottom of this page that other customers have found very useful when selecting parts for their Berkey.

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Berkey Parts and British Berkefeld Parts

People often call us with questions about the difference between Berkey Parts and British Berkefeld parts. There is some confusion about what is interchangeable and what is not. Much of the confusion is due to lack of information about the length of filters and the size of the holes in the systems. Here are some basic points to remember.

Interchanging Berkey Parts and British Berkefeld Filter elements

Big Berkey water filters have holes in the upper chamber. These holes allow the stem of Black Berkey filter elements to pass through the upper chamber and into the lower clean water chamber. The holes measure 9/16 of an inch in diameter. The stem of a Black Berkey filter element is 7/16 of an inch in diameter. That means there is 1/8 of an inch extra between the stem and hole in the upper chamber. 

Wing Nut Comparison

British Berkefleld water filters have holes in the bottom of their unfiltered water chamber as well. The holes measure 9/16 of an inch in diameter. However, the stem on the white ceramic Doulton filter that comes with this system is larger, measuring 1/2 inch in diameter. 1/2 inch can also be written 8/16 of an inch. With this measurement, the Doulton filter has only 1/16 of an inch extra.

Based on these measurements, Berkey parts and British Berkefeld parts are interchangeable with each other insofar as the filter holes are concerned. Black Berkey filters will fit in a British Berkefeld and Doulton filters will fit in a Berkey system.

Berkey Filter Length vs British Berkefeld Filter Length

Water filter elements are easy as far as Berkey parts go. All of their elements are 9 inches in height. Black Berkey filters fit in all of the stainless steel models. The British Berkefeld comes with filters that are 7 inches in height. However, this system is capable of receiving 9-inch filters as well. So again, Berkey parts and British Berkfeld parts are compatible with regard to filter elements.

Spigot Size - Compatible But With A Twist

Berkey parts for all of the stainless steel water filter spigots require an 11/16 inch hole. This is also true with the British Berkefeld spigot. However, Berkey has an additional stem size for spigots that install on the Berkey Light. The lower chamber of this filter system requires a larger hole measuring in at 3/4 of an inch in diameter. It requires a different spigot. The Berkey Light spigot is 11/16 inches in diameter. So the Berkey Light spigot is NOT compatible with the stainless steel Berkey filters or the British Berkefleld.

One question that comes up frequently is whether the standard Berkey spigot and the standard Vino Tap spigot are compatible. They will both fit in either the stainless Berkey or the British Berkefeld, but the stems are a different diameter and the nuts that hold them in place are different. The British Berkefeld nut is 10/16 and the Berkey nut is 9/16. So you cannot interchange components of the Berkey parts with components of the British Berkefeld parts on spigots.

For further clarification or to ask questions regarding parts, please visit our Facebook page. This is the fastest way to get an answer. Or click on the chat to the right. 

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