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Berkey Light

Berkey light is a versatile lightweight water filter designed by New Millennium Concepts. There are many uses for this filter because it is made from BPA-Free co-polyester plastic and is very durable. The plastic is designed for water storage and does not leach taste or chemicals into the water.

All of the stainless steel water filters manufactured by New Millennium Concepts are a great option for purifying water. But sometimes you don't want to take your nice stainless steel filter into the woods. This system is ideal for camping, emergencies, or any environment where the filter may get rough use. Another benefit of owning this purifier is you always know how much water you have in the top and bottom chambers because they are translucent. This makes it easy to visually check whether the filter needs to be refilled.

Using The Filter In Emergencies

Using a Berkey light in emergencies is easy and efficient. During daily use on a regular basis at home, this filter can serve between one and five people. But during an emergency where the filter is constantly being monitored, a fully configured Berkey light water filter can serve water rations to between one hundred to two hundred people a day. During an emergency, someone should be assigned to the water filter full time. As water is filtered, more water should be added to the top chamber to keep the water pressure at its maximum. Additionally, the filter should be configured with all four elements. This will ensure the greatest amount of purified water is produced during a 24 hour period.

Lighted Water Filter for Catering

This water filter is attractive all on its own, but it is even better with the optional LED light installed in the base. Place it on a serving table and the water filter will emit a blue glow, adding a touch of magic to the area. Add ice and sliced lemon or lime to the bottom chamber, and you never run out of refreshing water that tastes great. For large events, set up several Berkey light filters to accommodate all of your guests. 

Berkey Light for Home

Depending on the size of your family, this system can be ordered with two filters or four to provide great tasting purified water to your thirsty family at home. Drinking water from this water filter costs about 1.7 cents per gallon, making it a great choice for a family on a budget. If you have children, and the filter falls off the counter, no problem, it will bounce off the floor and be fine. Unlike the stainless steel models, the purifier is very difficult to dent or crack. If it does fall off the counter, use our easy testing procedure below to check the filter elements for cracks. 

System Maintenance

Testing Berkey Light Filters

We know that nobody is perfect and we also understand that accidents happen. So here is a great way to test Berkey Light water filters whether you have dropped them or they are just getting ready to be retired. 

  1. Empty the top and bottom chamber of your system.
  2. Remove any white fluoride filter you may have installed on the Black Berkey filters.
  3. Place a glass under the drip tube of each Black Berkey filter.
  4. Fill the top chamber with 2-gallons of water and add two 2-teaspoons of red food dye. (Important: Only red food dye will work for this test. Do not attempt to use other colors)
  5. Allow the water in the top chamber to completely filter.
  6. Check each glass in the lower chamber and make note of any red or pink coloration in the water.
  7. Replace any filter that allows pink or red water to pass.

Berkey Light Specifications

Gallons Per Hour by number of Elements Installed:

  • 2 Elements = 4 GPH
  • 4 Elements = 7.5 GPH

Storage Capacity: 2.75 Gallons

Space Requirements: 21-inch height clearance without base, 26.5-inch with the base.

Berkey Light
Berkey Light
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"Berkey Light Filter"

Ray Cavazos on 8/30/2008 3:33:15 PM

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Product Review: This is the best product I have ever bought on the web. DisasterStuff did it right, I had looked for this product for months and found that many companies had advertised it but none had them is stock. The Big Berkey filter assisted us in running a crew of 50 men out in the field where clean water was difficult to get to. Disaster Stuff made it possible not just to help in the rebuild but in supplying many of the survival tools we need to complete the job. TWO THUMBS UP!

"Berkey Water Filter Works for Me!."

Robert K on 5/31/2008 5:53:33 PM

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Product Review: Berkey water filter cleaned out all the chlorine taste from my water. So glad I chose a gravity water filter.

"Every bit as good as I hoped it would be..."

Roy P. on 5/2/2008 10:11:20 AM

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Product Review: This Bereky Light water filter has worked as good as I had hoped. Our water is NOT good. I feel like at least I am safe drinking the water now. Thanks DisasterStuff.