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Berkey Fluoride Filter

Berkey fluoride filter gravity water filters are designed to be used with Black Berkey water filters and will remove 95% of fluoride and heavy metals. Berkey water filter systems filter water with Black Berkey filters in the upper chamber. The Berkey fluoride filter is an add-on filter that screws on to the drip tube of each Black Berkey filter. They hang in the clean water chamber. You must have one fluoride filter for each Black Berkey that is installed to effectively reduce fluoride.

Reduce Fluoride and Heavy Metals with Berkey Fluoride Filters

Never suffer again from the effects of high fluoride content in your water again. Install a Berkey Fluoride filter on each Black Berkey filter on a Berkey Water filter system, and reduce the majority of fluoride that has been put in your water.

What Berkey Fluoride Filters Remove

Fluoride filters remove more than just Fluoride, they also remove the following contaminants:

  • Arsenic V and pre-oxidized Arsenic III
  • Other residual heavy metal ions

Click her to download PF2 Instruction and Use Sheet

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Berkey fluoride filters are easy to install? They work with Black Berkey filters. Every Black Berkey has a threaded drip tube on it that hangs into the clean water chamber.  The fluoride filters have one opening with threads and another opening without threads. There is also a flow arrow on the side of the filters. Point the flow arrows down and the opening with the threads will be at the top of the filter.  Spin the PF2 filter onto the threads of the Black Berkey drip tube (no more than seven full turns) and you are ready to remove fluoride from your water with ease.

When to Replace Berkey Fluoride Filters

As incredible as these filters are, they do have a life expectancy of 500 gallons each.  Since they come in sets of 2, you will need to replace them every 1000 gallons.  Another way of looking at it is like this.  You will replace them on a 6 to 1 ratio with the Black Berkey filters.  So when you buy a Berkey water filter with two Black Berkey filters, you would need to buy 12 fluoride filters or 6 sets to last you the entire life of the Black Berkey filters.  Many people do this for emergency preparedness because they know the day is coming when products will become unavailable as political and financial problems continue to grow.  

Make your Fluoride Filters Even More Powerful with this Little Known Secret Trick

Most people don't know this, but you can actually improve the effectiveness of your fluoride filter.  It's really easy to do.  Run cold water through your Berkey.  That's right, cold water allows the activated alumina in the fluoride filter to grab on to more fluoride.  The colder the water, the greater the effect.  Another little trick is to check the ph of your water.  Fluoride filters like a ph level of right around 5.5.

Berkey Fluoride Filter
Berkey Fluoride Filter
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"I Feel Safer with Berkey Fluoride Filters Installed"

Jack P in Florida on 6/14/2014 7:06:15 AM

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Product Review: Best addition I made to my Berkey water filter. I wouldn't go without them now. I feel safer and know that my family isn't drinking toxic waste!

"The Berkey fluoride filter is great!"

Michele V in Idaho on 8/19/2010 9:13:09 PM

No rating

Product Review: I have heard many stories of problems with fluoride in water. When we moved I found out that there was high fluoride in our city water. We added the Berkey PF2 fluoride filters to our Black Berkey filters and feel much better about the water we give to our children.