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Berkey Filter Questions

Berkey water filter questions can sometimes have very simple answers. Other questions can be very technical. Below is a list of common Berkey water filter questions that our customers have asked. Click on the question to read the answer. If you don't see what you are looking for, please submit your question here.

Nobody expects to have Berkey water filter problems, but they do arise from time to time. Even the most simple systems can get loose fittings, experience ware and tare, or include a manufacturing defect from time to time. The simple fact is, nobody and no product is perfect. So when you have trouble with your Berkey, don't stress. There is usually a simple answer to the problem. This article identifies some of the most common Berkey Water Filter problems.
The Berkey Water Filter warranty is provided by New Millennium Concepts, maker of Berkey. The basic warranty is 12 months of coverage for defects in manufacturing. However, each component of the system can be handled differently and some items are pro-rated as they age. Get the details below. New Millennium can be reached at:

New Millennium Concepts
133 Crane Lane
Salida CO 81201
August 10, 2010

Today we officially launched the new Bucket Berkey water filter. This filter is a custom water filter made from two food grade five gallon buckets. We used a special threaded lid on the bottom bucket and came up with a way of installing either 2 or 4 Black Berkey filter elements with a very tight seal between chambers. This was the biggest difficulty and why we had not offered the Bucket Berkey until now. We have had many customers ask for an inexpensive way of using the Black Berkey water filter elements for emergency use only. The Bucket Berkey now solves the problem. The Bucket Berkey is not a replacement for a home system if you want it to look nice and pretty in your kitchen, but it absolutely gets the job done.
Choosing the right Berkey water filter has a lot to do with what you plan on using it for. This how to article helps you make the decision by considering each component and how it will serve your purpose.

If your Bucket Berkey filters slow, please use the following ideas to troubleshoot:
Choosing a purifier water filter from Berkey or any filter company can be confusing. There are some very important principles and definitions that can help clarify the concept of a purifier water filter and how Berkey cleans your water. Once you learn the difference, it is easy to decide what is best for your particular need. But the short answer is that a Black Berkey element is both a water filter and a purifier.
California laws AB 1953, SB 1334, SB 1395, and HSC section 116875 have changed how a person can ship Berkey Water Filters to California beginning 1/1/2010. Essentially, the law makes it difficult for companies to sell water filter products to human end-users without very expensive certifications and analysis, even when the filters have been independently tested to NSF standards. Apparently there is some confusion as to which testing protocols are necessary. This confusion leads to unnecessary risk for filter companies as they may test with one protocol and then the other protocol be used. Berkey has attempted to get clarification on these issues with no response from the state of California.
The Big Berkey Water Filter System with Fluoride Filters

Water is an indispensable component in all life; in fact, humans can live longer without food than water. Unfortunately, the safety of our water supply has become a dubious matter. Since our very survival depends on this flowing element, there are companies that have devised instruments to help us "purify" our water, making it whole and nourishing when needed. One such system called the Big Berkey Water Filtration System has been deemed the savior of chemical laden, polluted, undrinkable water.

In order for water to be "healthful," it should be clear, clean, and full of minerals, not arsenic, chlorine, and fluoride, parasites, and harmful bacteria. In fact, it seems like with today's lax standards the previous few toxins named are just the tip of the iceberg! Survival has become somewhat of an independent endeavor, that's why merchants like Disasterstuff.com have everything prepared for you including the Big Berkey Water Filtration System including fluoride filters.

Disasterstuff.com offers emergency awareness equipment and disaster supplies. For example, alongside the Big Berkey Water Filter System and fluoride filters you can select an All American Solar Oven, survival kits, food storage buckets consisting of dehydrated, freeze dried, canned goods, MRE's Meals Ready to Eat, and nutritious calorie food bars. Together with other survival equipment, Disasterstuff.com sells Berkey filter replacement parts, in addition to the Sport Bereky Walter Filter Bottle, Berkey Walter Filter Test Kit, Berkey Spigot, and much more!

We offer discounted chlorine shower filters with the purchase of any Big Berkey or other stainless steel Berkey Water filter. The filter included in this offer is distributed by New Millennium Concepts. This type of filter is commonly referred to as a KDF filter. It removes up to 95% of chlorine and also reduces soluble heavy metals. They are rated for up to 20,000 gallons.