Water Main Break

The headline read, "Long-term Water Disruption".  The city of Bridgeport, West Virginia, a small town, needed to repair a water line and water would be turned off in a section of the city for seven hours, with intermittent disruptions for the following week.   Did you know in 2012 the city of New York had over 346 water main breaks over nearly 7,000 miles of water lines?  And that was due to normal wear and tear.  

In a natural disaster, it could take months to restore water.  You family can store water and be prepared for situations like these.  In fact, they are counting on you to be prepared.  With the AquaTank, storing water is easy and effective.  And the AquaTank doesn't cost an arm and a leg to ship like 55 gallon water barrels. Choose the AquaTank II if you plan on transporting water in the bed of a truck or want something super durable, or the standard AquaTank for storing water on the floor of a garage, basement or other location.