Wise Food Storage Review - Teriyaki and Rice

Wise Food Storage Teriyaki Chicken This is a review of the four serving Wise Food Storage Teriyaki and Rice food pouch.  Wise food calls this meal an Asian style chicken flavored teriyaki and rice meal.  When I opened the pouch the first thing I noticed is how much rice was in the bag and how small the chicken chunks were(actually TVP after looking at the package ingredients).  The white rice looks pre-cooked and the aroma of the seasonings was good. 
While bringing the water to a boil, I decided to take a look at the full list of ingredients.  There are a few words that I don't know what they mean, but after some research most of them have to to with flavoring and sugar, lots of sugar.  I will probably like this meal.  The package says there are 280 calories per serving.  In one serving I will be consuming just over 41% of the daily recommended sodium at 990mg.  Whew.  And as long as you are not on the Atkins diet, you should be fine with the 54 grams of carbohydrate, not so bad if you are needed high energey after a disaster, but probably not something you would want to make a habit of eating on a regular basis if you are someone that sits at a computer all day and on the couch at night.
OK, the beeper is going off.  I followed the directions exactly.  The package says boil water, then stir in the package contents, then turn off the flame, cover the pot and let the meal stand for 12 to 15 minutes.  At 12 mintes the meal seems just a bit runny, so I am going to opt for the full 15 and see what happens. 
Time Passes.
Ok, it has been a total of 15 minutes.  The meal is now a bit less runny so I am going to take the lid off and let it stand for the recommended 2 to 3 minutes to cool, then I'll measure a serving and see what it tastes like.
Time Passes.
It is done.  The flavor of the teriyaki is good.  I can taste bell peppers.  You can tell there is a lot of salt and sugar in it, but the taste is satisfying.  When I first tasted the Teriyaki and Rice my taste buds were thinking that there was a slight hint of pineapple flavor.  Can't really tell where that flavor is coming from.  Lots of spices in the meal.  The TVP is there, but it really doesn't do anything for the texture or taste.  After a few spoons of this Wise Foods meal, I got something that was a bit spicy in my mouth.  There is a slight hint of soy sauce and of onion. 
Overall, if I was in an emergency situation and I needed calories to survive, the Wise Food Storage Teriyaki and Rice meal is satisfying and provides just under 300 calories.  That is not a lot of calories.  I would probably use this meal to supplement a lot more brown rice to reduce my overall intack of sugar and sodium.  You will need to have a source of water as this meal does make you thirsty.
I have a full feeling after eating just one cup which is the suggested serving size.  It will be interesting to see how my stomach sees this whole thing.  I will report back in a few hours.
The Teriyaki and Rice food pouch is found in all of the Wise Food Storage kits containing entrees.