Wise Food Storage Review - Apple Cinnamon Cereal

Wise Food Storage Apple Cinnamon CerealIt is morning and time to do another review of Wise Food storage.  This product review is for the Wise Brown Sugar Apple Cinnamon cereal.  Similar to the Wise Multi-Grain cereal, this food storage pouch contains four servings of 260 calories.  Right off the bat it was clear to me that this was going to have to be part of a much bigger meal if I was going to have the calories necessary for the day.  Two hundred and sixty calories is just not enough, especially in a disaster situation where high stress and energy levels are usually needed.  I would most likely supplement this meal with some type of meat, even if I had to do canned chicken or canned bacon.

The directions for preparation are clearly stated and work well.  However, when I took my first bite, I wished that I had added another half cup of water and let the mix simmer a little longer.  The oats in the cereal really do need longer than 10 minutes to really soak in the water, and I do not really like oats that are dry and hard.  I prefer a more soaked oat that goes down a bit softer.

The aroma of this Wise Food storage cereal is incredible.  With the mix of brown sugar, apples, and cinnamon, the whole house filled up with an odor that brought people from every room.

I like the taste and flavor of this cereal, and it didn't really cause any digestion problems for me, so I am going to give this cereal a thumbs up.  

The sodium on this cereal per serving is 135mg which is only about 6% of the daily recommended value, but I did eat two servings before I felt full.  So that took it to 270 mg of sodium which is getting up there.  It has 7 grams of fiber.

My six year old son ate the cereal with little complaint, but he said that he preferred the Multi-grain cereal over this one.  I could do either and be happy, especially in difficult times.