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Toilet Seat for 5 Gallon Bucket

When your loo needs to be luggable and your self reliance depends on good sanitation, a good toilet seat for 5 gallon bucket with lid, and other supplies are essential. This snap on toilet seat with lid can be attached to any 5 gallon bucket and turn the bucket into a portable john when nature calls. A port-a-potty is one item you just don't want to be without.
Price: $11.99
Toilet Seat for 5 Gallon Bucket
Toilet Seat for 5 Gallon Bucket
Product Details
This snap on toilet seat for 5 gallon bucket ships in black. †It comes with a lid to reduce odors and bugs, but we recommend using Bio-Blue or T-5 chemicals to reduce odors more fully. It will fit any standard 5 gallon bucket and can provide sanitary disposal of waste, protecting you and your family from the dangers of†dysentery†and other diseases commonly found after a disaster. †You will need the following items to use this item:
  • 5 Gallon Bucket
  • Bucket liner bags
  • Bio Blue Deodorant
  • Bio Green waste digester

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