Sun Oven Emergency Preparedness

The Sun Oven solar oven is an excellent emergency preparedness tool for cooking food storage and heating water. One resource that quickly becomes unavailable or in short supply after an earthquake, flood, or other emergency is fuel. Fuel is necessary for cooking food, boiling water, and many other daily tasks. The Sun Oven is ideal for emergency preparedness because the only fuel it uses is the sun.

The most fuel efficient method of preparing freeze dry meals and dehydrated meals is via the sun through a solar oven. It is also the safest. Many fuels such as gas, propane, fire wood, and diesel can be saved for use on days where the sun is not available, extending the time you have access to fuels that would otherwise be used quickly.

Another benefit of the Sun Oven is it's ability to pasteurize water. When water is pasteurized in the Sun Oven, it is take to a temperature beyond what bacteria, viruses, and other biological organisms can survive, making the water safe to drink and cook with.

Watch a Video on Sun Oven Emergency Preparedness

This video discusses how the Sun Oven solar oven can be used in emergency preparedness situations where fuel may be unavailable.