Royal Bereky Water Filter

Most people think that their regular tap water tastes a little strange. Algae, sediment and other naturally-occurring contaminants can contribute to ill-tasting water as can things like herbicides, pesticides and agricultural runoff. Some things lurking in water can make you very sick, but a Royal Berkey water filter purification system can take care of all that.

What aRoyal Berkey Water filter does

A Royal Berkey water filter purification system will eliminate virtually one-hundred percent of waterborne contaminants including virulent bacteria too small to see with the naked eye. A Royal Berkey filter is powerful enough to remove food coloring from water while at the same time leaving in important minerals that make for healthy, delicious water.

Choosing Royal Berkey Filter Configuration

Choose your Royal Berkey filter purification system according to your projected needs. A single person or small family? Royal Berkey has the option to be configured with one, two, three, or four water filter elements. The more water filter elements you install, the more water can be produced in a given time. In addition, the type of water filter you choose is important. Choose the Black Berkey water filter element to remove biological and chemical impurities. Choose the white Super Sterasyl water filter for a proven ceramic filter that has been tested for decades and removes biological contaminants, reduces chlorine, and eliminates sediment.

Is the Royal Berkey Right For Me?

Royal Berkey water filter is a great size filter for overall use, but others will get along fine with a Berkey Light while a larger family will require something a bit bigger, like our Crown Berkey or Imperial Berkey water purification systems. For daily personal use or for outdoor activities, choose a portable travel-sized Sport Berkey so you can have a refreshing sip of purified water everywhere you go. Take a Sport Berkey with you on a trail hike and safely drink that beautiful wild water from streams or lakes.Every size Berkey system provides fresh, delicious water that is easy and safe to drink.

In fact, Royal Berkey filter processed water is so clean and delicious, you should try it with everything you drink or cook. Soups and steamed veggies are brighter and more delicious when you prepare them with Royal Berkey filtered water. Morning coffee and afternoon tea never had it so good. Even bouillon and consomme tastes superior when you prepare it with fresh sparkling Berkey water. The thing is, everything you consume just tastes better and is better for you when you use Royal Berkey filtered water.

Berkey Water Purification helps the Environment

Bottled water is an expensive habit but one that you can break when you switch to a Berkey water purification system. Having five-gallon bottles delivered to your home is convenient but the bottles are heavy and cumbersome to deal with. Every single-serving bottle of so-called designer water you buy adds to the planetary pollution problem. Save money and the earth when you process your own drinking and cooking water with a fine Berkey water purification system. Store your processed water in reusable containers in the refrigerator for a cold refreshing drink any time you like.

If you have any questions regarding the Berkey water purification system or any of the other fine emergency gear and survival supplies we carry, please give us a call at 866-792-6201 during business hours, Pacific Time. We are always delighted to speak with potential or returning customers and will be happy to hear from you.