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PRI-G 32 oz Long Term Gas Fuel Storage Stabilizer

Gasoline is a great fuel for emergency preparedness, but it degrades quickly without a fuel stabilizer, sometimes in as little as three months. Use one unit of PRI-G per year, per gallon to stabilize your fuel storage or restore fuel that has been degraded. This 32 oz bottle of stabilizer will treat 512 gallons of gasoline.
Price: $29.99
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PRI-G 32 oz Long Term Gas Fuel Storage Stabilizer
PRI-G 32 oz Long Term Gas Fuel Storage Stabilizer
If you are storing gasoline for emergency fuel for a car, truck, or generator, you need PRI-G.  PRI-G is a super concentrated fuel treatment stabilizer that will preserve the quality of your gasoline for one year, and can be reapplied year after year to reduce the risk of bad fuel during a disaster or other emergency.  PRI-G, in the 32 ounce bottle can treat 512 gallons of fuel.

PRI-G doesn't just extend the life of your gasoline, it can actually restore it.  Adding one unit of PRI to one unit of fuel will restore that fuel, making it usable again.

The cost per gallon of PRI is so low, it is crazy not to use it!
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