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PRI-D 16 oz Long Term Diesel Fuel Storage Stabilizer

Emergency diesel fuel can degrade over time. Storing diesel fuel with PRI-D diesel treatment will prolong the storage time of your emergency fuel and can actually restore diesel to refinery freshness if needed. This 16oz bottle can treat 256 gallons of diesel fuel.
Price: $19.99
PRI-D 16 oz Long Term Diesel Fuel Storage Stabilizer
PRI-D 16 oz Long Term Diesel Fuel Storage Stabilizer
Power Research Inc PRI-D diesel treatment is ideal for emergency diesel fuel treatment.  One 16 oz bottle can treat up to 256 gallons of diesel for up to a year.  It increases the lubricity of your fuel, keeps tanks and fuel lines sludge free, and improves engine performance.

For an emergency preparedness minded person, the value of PRI-D cannot be calculated.  This diesel treatment product keeps fuel at peak stability levels and prevents fuel degradation during long-term storage.  This is important because one of the most common failures of emergency equipment is bad fuel that has been stored too long.

Another key benefit of PRI-D is extended life of fuel pumps.  Due to the high lubricity of this additive, wear reduction on ULSD fuels can be reduced by up to 45 percent.  This can really reduce maintenance costs.
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