Mayday Food Bar Review

Mayday Food Bar ReviewI wanted to do this Mayday Food Bar review because there are a lot of misconceptions about the place that food bars hold in the overall food storage plan.  Essentially, food bars are short term, immediate use, no cook, food bars to provide sustaining calories and nutrients short term until less highly processed foods closer to regular diet can be prepared.  Food bars should not be a emergency food that you plan to use long term.

Mayday emergency food ration bars are manufactured by Mayday Industries, an emergency preparedness supply company that has been around for years.  Mayday food bars come in several sizes for different purposes, but all have the same ingredients, taste, and texture.  The 1200 calorie Mayday food ration bars are small and are packaged to be placed into small emergency kits and 72 hour kits.  Two bars provide enough calories and nutrition for a grown man for one day under medium stress and physical exertion.  

Mayday calorie bars come in 400, 1200, 2400, and 3600 calorie bars.  Many companies and schools choose to order and store these bars in cases should there be a lock down or emergency that prevents employees or students and teachers from leaving the premises.  Food bars pack an incredible amount of calories and nutrients into a very small place.

If you like an apple cinnamon flavor, then Mayday food bars will be your choice.  The bars are large blocks and must be broken up into portions unless you purchase the 400 calorie bar, which is consider one serving for an adult.  The food bar flavor is pleasant and does not leave an aftertaste.  The are not thirst provoking, just as they are advertised, but plenty of water should be available when eating these bars to allow for proper digestion.  Simply storing some water pouches or water filter with these bars would be a major plus.

If you have a sweet tooth, the Mayday food bar may not satisfy.  In this case, you may want to look at the MainStay food bar which has more of a lemon sugar cookie taste.  This food bar is a favorite of my kids.  They will actually eat these bars like the would eat cookies.

Mayday food bars are an important part of emergency preparedness because the bridge the gap between when a disaster strikes and when things settle down enough that longer term food storage can be prepared.