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JarBox Quart 4 Pack

JarBox Quart protects all of your home preserves that are stored in quart size canning jars. Each Jarbox Quart will hold 12 jars. These canning jar storage containers can be stacked and also have holes on the edges so you can twist-tie them together.
List Price: $63.80
Price: $59.99
SKU: JB100
JarBox Quart 4 Pack
JarBox Quart 4 Pack
JarBox Quart 4 Pack
JarBox Quart 4 Pack
JarBox Quart 4 Pack
JarBox Quart 4 Pack
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Product Details
We can't begin to tell you how many people have asked us the best way to store canning jars over the years. Lets face it, canning jars are made out of glass... and glass breaks! The JarBox solves the problem of broken canning jars. You no longer need to worry about bumping a jar and cracking it, or concern yourself about shifting jars during an earthquake. The JarBox is ideal for protecting canning jars.

Canning Jar Tote BoxCanning jar storage has long been a worry for those who put so much time and effort into preserving food. Broken jars create waste and frustration. Using the JarBox, you virtually eliminate most of the common reasons why canning jars break.

It is not uncommon for friends to get together to do canning. You can pool your resources and buy in bulk. But after everything is canned, it is often difficult to transport your preserves without breaking the canning jars. Now, with the Canning Jar Tote Box, it is easy to transport all of your preserves and never worry about breaking again.


JarBox Size: 20" x 14.75" x 4"
Capacity: 12 Canning Jars per tote (Fits Ball Canning Jars and Kerr Canning Jars)
Weight: Each Canning Jar tote box part weighs 1.6 lbs or about 3 lbs per set.

  • They protect! They nest! They stack!
  • Each tote measures 20" x 14 3/4" x 3 3/4"
  • It can be used as a tote or two totes put together make a BOX.
  • This is the 12 pack quart Jar Box.
  • The locator rings provide for secure stacking.
  • The "half moon" features coupled with the holes placed above them provide for additional securing either top-to-bottom, Box-to-Box, Box-to-shelf, Box-to-inside of moving truck, name it!
  • Made with recycled content including high density polypropylene.
  • If one of your jars leaks the bottom or side won't fall out unlike your old cardboard boxes.
  • You can put Jar Boxes in your root cellar.
  • Mice won't chew a whole in them.
  • You can CLEAN your Jar Boxes!
  • Jars placed in the BOX configuration in a Jar Box can't contact each other, even shaken side-to-side or upside down preventing breakage.
  • Jar Boxes give your homemade canned gifts another special touch that is made to be shared for years and years!
A single tote will hold 12 jars, with the upper portion of each jar exposed.
A "Jar Box" is two totes locked together fully enclosing your jars.

JarBox Latch

The canning jar storage box system consists of trays that can be used individually or as a set to completely enclose the canning jars. Each canning jar storage box has snap latches on each end. These snap latches are designed to keep the trays together when they are used as a set. For even greater security, there are zip tie holes on each end of the canning jar boxes. Place a zip tie on each side of the canning jar box and you have a tamper proof storage solution for your canning jars.

JarBox Tote Snaps

When you first begin to use the JarBox, you will notice that the snap latches on the ends of the boxes are a bit stiff. This is due to the type of plastic that is used. Over time, this stiffness will loosen up and the canning jar box latches will become easier to snap on and off. During this break in period, there is no need to be worried about breaking a snap latch. The have been tested hundreds of times. Once the snap latches are snapped in place, you can use a butter knife to easily separate them at one end. It takes very little pressure. Once one end is released, the other side comes off much easier. Whether you use your fingers or a butter knife to separate the latches, make sure that you pry the latches open on the latch side of the tab. This will make it easier to open.

NON-Slip Design

The JarBox canning jar tote can be stacked several totes high due to a unique pattern on each tote that interlocks them together, preventing sliding. A picture is worth a thousand words.

JarBox No Slip

Shipping Specifications:

Shipping Dimensions: 21" x 15" x 15"

Shipping Weights Chart
# Jar Box SetsWeightlHeight in Box
1 Set of Jar Boxes4 lbs5" H
2 Sets of Jar Boxes7 lbs7" H
3 Sets of Jar Boxes10 lbs9" H
4 Sets of Jar Boxes13 lbs11" H
5 Sets of Jar Boxes17 lbs13" H
6 Sets of Jar Boxes20 lbs15" H

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"Great place"

Nannette Cosenza on 10/7/2013 1:42:41 PM

Product Review: The staff has a great deal of knowledge. The products are good quality.

"Finally Canning Jar Storage that works!"

Jessica in Sylmar CA on 12/28/2011 1:29:29 PM

Product Review: Love it! So perfect for my shelves. My husband put a small molding in the front of my shelves to lock in the totes and nothing slides around and I'm not worried about all the small earthquakes we get around here anymore. Worth every penny. - Rocklin, CA 95765, US
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