How to Make a Bucket Toilet

You can learn how to make a bucket toilet in just a few easy steps.  Here is what you will need:

Optional items for your five gallon bucket toilet would include a plastic bag to store toilet paper in once it has been removed from the bucket during storage, a privacy tent similar to the camp shower tents sold in stores, and a light that can be hung from the privacy tent for hands free use.

How to make a bucket toilet
Bucket Toilet Seat
Bucket Toilet Deodorizer
Bucket Toilet Liners

Here is how to Make a Bucket Toilet

  1. Take any 5 gallon bucket and remove any lids it may have.
  2. Place a few inches of sand or dirt in the bottom of the bucket. This is to weight it down and give it some stability when it is empty.  It also raises the bottom of the bucket for the toilet bucket bag liner.
  3. Take a toilet liner bag and snap it open. Place one hand in the bag and force the bottom of the bag down to the bottom of the bucket.
  4. With your other hand, drape the edge of the bag over the lip of the bucket until it is completely hanging over the bucket top.
  5. Now take a snap on 5 gallon toilet bucket seat on the bucket, making sure that the bag is snapped in between the seat and the bucket rim completely.
  6. Add a small amount of T-5 Monochem chemicals to the bottom of the bag for deodorant.  Alternatively you can sprinkle lime and borax, or dry wood shavings over the human waste to reduce odors and pests.
  7. Continue to use the bucket toilet until it is about half full. Try not to go more than half full or it becomes difficult to manage the bag once it has been sealed and removed from the bucket.
  8. Store the bags of waste in a trash can or other bin with a lid, preferably out of direct sunlight.
  9. Carry out your waste bags at the end of your camping trip or dispose of the waste safely if you are in a disaster situation.
  10. As a general rule you want to have your toilet down hill, down wind, and as far away from your sleeping and eating area as possible, fifty to one hundred yards being ideal.

As you are learning how to make a bucket toilet, you want to make sure you pay attention to a few things. First, the toilet should be place in a private area or in a tent. The toilet area should not be near cooking, sleeping, or other areas where people will be on a regular basis. Second, you should never allow the bucket toilet liner to get more than about a third to half way full. Once the liner is a third to half full, remove it, tie it up, and store it in a trash can, open top barrel, or bury it in the ground. If you choose to bury your waste, make sure that the trench is deep enough that the top of your waste bag is at least 18 inches below ground level. This will keep the animals away.

Learning how to make a bucket toilet seems like a simple thing, but when you consider that many people die after a disaster due to sanitary conditions, it just makes sense to have one or two around. So don't wait to make your bucket toilet today.