How to Dehydrate with the Sun Oven

You can dehydrate food using the Sun Oven solar oven.  You will need the dehydrator rack package from Sun Oven international and some parchment paper to use the oven as a food dryer.  You can use up to three drying racks at a time.

When you use the Sun Oven for dehydrating, you configure it a little different that when you are cooking.  You do not want the temperature in the oven to get over about 110 to 150 degrees fahrenheit, depending on what you are drying.  To keep the heat down, the glass door is left ajar, using one of the door latch as a spacer.  This lowers the inside temperature inside the oven and also allows the moisture that is extracted from the food to escape the oven.

When dehydrating meats to make jerkey, keep in mind that it will most likely take more than one day.  At the end of the first day of drying, simply close the glass door and use both latches to create an air tight seal.  In the morning, release the latches, using them for spacers, and continue drying until the jerky is done.

Using the Sun Oven solar oven as a dehydrator can help you preserve foods from your garden during an emergency when electricity may not be available for your electric dehydrator.  

Watch a video on How to Dehydrate with the Sun Oven

Watch Paul Munson discuss how to dehydrate using the Sun Oven solar oven and learn the best way to dehydrate or make sun dried tomatoes and jerky.

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