Cooking with Sun Oven Pots and Pans

Sun Oven Pots and Pans are designed to work with the solar oven and provide the maximum benefit for utilizing the solar radiation. In this video, Paul Munson explains why you should use dark colored posts with thin walls and why your pots should be used with lids and not left open while cooking. Black enamel posts are ideal for cooking in a solar oven because they absorb heat and do not reflect the sun out of the oven.

The Sun Oven cooks all of the food in the oven equally. You can cook a roast and peach cobbler at the same time and they both come out perfect. You can also stack cookie trays and cook many cookies at the same time.

There are two ways to cook in the sun oven. You can refocus the oven every 30 minutes to cook food quickly, or you can point the oven directly south and let it cook all day. Another thing to remember is that using a dutch oven allows the food to continue to cook for some time after dusk.

Watch the Sun Oven Pots and Pans Video

Watch a video by Paul Munson discussing the pots and pans that should be used in a Sun Oven to cook food.