Canned Butter

With canned butter from Red Feather brand, you will never have to eat food storage bread without great tasting butter. This canned butter is rich tasting and a small amount goes a long way. It also has a long storage life when stored in a cool dry place. You will love this canned butter.

The first question on everybody's mind when they think about canned butter is how long it will last. You will get lots of answers, but the bottom line is that nobody really knows. The manufacturer says about 3 years, but we have six-year-old canned butter and it is still great tasting and others have reported even longer storage life.

This canned butter is not for wimps! It is not a light butter that you would find in the grocery store. It has a strong butter taste and is very creamy. A small amount will flavor your toast or bring out the flavor in your favorite baked potato. You don't need much.

This butter has very simple ingredients. There are NO colors or flavors added. It is just pasteurized cream and salt.

Canned butter storage: It says you should refrigerate after opening, but we leave ours out for a week or so with no problems at all. Just make sure it is covered and store it in something other than the can. Of course, we only recommend refrigeration after storage to you due to liability but it is nice to know if we were in a grid down situation, our butter is not going to spoil before we use it.

Canned Butter
Canned Butter
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"Canned Butter"

Paul Weinert on 9/25/2014 6:16:40 PM

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Product Review: The can I received had a date on it of 2013, presumably the expiration date and not the manufacture date. It's for long-term SHTF use anyway.

Customer Support Response: Hi Paul.  Just to clarify, the date on the can is typically the manufacture date for Red Feather butter.  There is no expiration date.  I've got Red Feather that is 12 years old that tastes great.  Hope this clarifies it for you.