Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) kits are a set of supplies designed to be used in emergency situations such as fires and earthquakes. Starter CERT kits usually contain a barrel bag or backpack, a hard hat, clear impact goggles, heavy duty work gloves, a green 12-hour light stick, mesh vest with reflective tape, a large solar blanket, a D-cell flashlight, batteries, a 15-inch pry bar, and a lumber crayon. Advanced CERT kits contain everything in the starter version, with the addition of a 14-in-one tool, a cotton vest with reflective tape, knee pads, gas shut off, a dust mask, 10-yard duct tape, whistle, 300-foot caution tape, rope, three 4.225-oz water pouches, and a first aid kit.

What is CERT?

The Community Emergency Response Team or CERT is an all-risk, all-hazard training program partnered with the Citizen Corps and the Department of Homeland Security. It is designed to help protect you and your community when an emergency situation arises. It uses a positive approach on disaster and emergency situations, particularly when people are on their own while waiting for help. While people may respond to others in need without CERT training, the goal of the program is to ensure that any response to help will be done efficiently without placing anyone in danger. With CERT training, you will be taught to:

  • manage and put out small fires
  • control bleeding and treat for shock
  • treat by opening airways properly
  • search for and rescue victims safely
  • provide basic first aid
  • effectively organize volunteers and
  • collect information to support the efforts of first responders
Why you need CERT

CERT training is like preparing for something while wishing it would not happen. You don't want any emergencies or disasters to happen, but when they do, you would be thankful that you did CERT training. CERT training isn't only for major disasters, you can use what you know when there are threats of crime or terrorism.

Using CERT kits

To fully utilize your CERT training, you need to make sure that your CERT kits are always stocked. Even without CERT training, having a CERT kit in your home can make a big difference. CERT kits are available from emergency supply stores such as Disaster Stuff (www.disasterstuff.com). You'll never know just when they might come in handy.

Not CERT-trained? No problem. You can get a CERT supply resource form from Disaster Stuff for free, and start building your own CERT kits. If you are CERT-trained, let everyone know by wearing CERT apparel or placing a CERT sticker on your car or desk.