Bucket Water Filter | 2.5 Gallon

Making a home-made bucket water filter is a great idea. Water is a precious commodity and when you don't have clean water to drink, things can get complicated quickly. It is estimated that 11%  of the world does not have access to any clean water. In the United States, we are lucky. Municipal water systems are in place to provide safe water to millions of people. Generally speaking, residents of the US haven't needed to worry about water quality. But just because we have safe water today doesn't mean that we will in the future. That is where a bucket water filter can be a life saver. Disasters can happen and aquifers contaminated.

Bucket Water Filter Needed During Water Disruption

We don't live in a perfect world. And although residents in the U.S. have access to some of the best water sources, there are times when the ability to filter water is absolutely necessary. Having a bucket water filter is convenient and can prevent illness when water systems have been compromised.

Municipal Boil Water Orders 

Water delivery infrastructure in the U.S. is old and in need of repair in many parts of the country. When a pipes break and the water lines need to be fixed, the water authority will often issue a boil order. Boil orders basically mean that you must boil any water that you are going to use for cooking or drinking. The water has to be boiled to kill any organisms that may be in the water due to the line break. But there is a much easier way of making the water safe. Simply run the water through a bucket water filter

Storms, Floods, and Water Filters

Another reason to own a bucket water filter has to do with storms and floods. In states like Florida, large storms that cause widespread flooding are another reason to have a bucket filter on hand. These storms can easily cause issues with water delivery and quality. They can destroy water processing plants, shut down power to water pumps, and contaminate potable water outlets. The great thing about having a bucket filter during a flood is that there is plenty of water around to filter. Sometimes floods and storms can compromise water delivery for days and even weeks. The filter will ensure your safety.

Safe Water For Relief Workers

It is very expensive to truck in bottled water after a disaster. In addition, there are times when trucks delivering water can't even get into areas that desperately need water because of damaged roads. When deliveries can't get into an affected area, it is difficult for relief workers to stay very long because they don't have access to clean water. When each group of workers is equipped with a bucket water filter, access to clean water is not an issue. This allows them to have clean water and also makes it possible for them to provide water rations until other help can arrive.

Filtered Water For Camping

Finally, no discussion about bucket water filters is complete without talking about the benefits of camping with one. Many campgrounds, especially some of the really good ones that are a bit more remote, don't have plumbed running water. But with a bucket water filter, you don't plumbing. These filters easily remove the contaminants you would find in a mountain stream, pond, or lake, such giardia or cysts. Simply fill the top chamber with water and dispense purified water from the spigot below. There is no need to haul heavy packages of bottled water with you.

Water Filter Specifications

 Gallons Per Hour by number of Elements Installed:
  • 1 Black Berkey Filter = 1.75 GPH
  • 2 Black Berkey Filters = 2.5 GPH
  • 3 Black Berkey Filters = 4.5 GPH
  • 4 Black Berkey Filters = 7.0 GPH
Bucket Water Filter | 2.5 Gallon
Bucket Water Filter | 2.5 Gallon
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