Bucket Toilet Port-a-Potty

Use this 5 gallon bucket toilet with lid as an emergency port-a-potty to reduce illness, odors, and stress during a disaster where water and sewer services may not be available. Add Bio-Green digester, Bio-Blue deodorant, and bucket liners for added comfort and ease of disposal.
Price: $21.99
Bucket Toilet Port-a-Potty
Bucket Toilet Port-a-Potty
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"5 Gallon Bucket Toilet"

Bill on 12/27/2009 5:38:07 PM

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Product Review: As a firefighter and fire officer you never know when you will receive an emergency dispatch. Most of the times things are pretty normal and you are back in a few minutes. Then there are those times you will be committed to an emergency scene for quite a while. After a while firefighters all need pretty much the same thing. Food, water,rest, and a place to go ( well you know) other then a number 1. We purchased a few of the snap on toilet seats and some of the disposal bags and we already had se... More details