British Berkefeld Gravity Filter

Anywhere you require a renewable source of clean, pure water is a good place for a British Berkefeld gravity filter. While a British Berkefeld gravity filter is a wonderful addition to any home or cabin, it can also serve well at outdoor catering events or company picnics. Easy to tote when empty, a British Berkefeld gravity filter may be filled from a hose or other outdoor water source. It needs no electricity to work because it works on the principle of gravity. The more water you process at a time, the faster it works. Transfer purified water from the reservoir into reusable containers for an endless supply of clean, safe, delicious water.

A British Berkefeld gravity filter in the Crown or Imperial size can provide plenty of water for a large group of people. The Big Berkey or Berkey Light are more appropriate for a small family at home. Whichever size British Berkefeld gravity filter you choose, it is a good investment and one that really pays off in the long run. Bottled water is costly and it is an expense that never ends. Even if you only purchase one single-size bottle a day, it adds up to a pretty penny plus all those bottles waste plastic and clog our landfills. Save money and protect the planet when you stop buying bottled water and start processing your own purified water with a British Berkefeld gravity filter system.

Everything that you drink or cook will taste better when you use a British Berkefeld gravity filter to purify your water. Imagine afternoon tea made with fresh, pure, sparkling water. Make your morning coffee with pure Berkefeld water and you will never go back to using regular tap water again. Soups made with pure Berkey water are tasty and nutritious. The thing is, all foods and beverages have superior flavor when you forgo the tap water and use purified water that you process with your British Berkefeld gravity filter.

It is common wisdom that an adult should consume a minimum of eight glasses of water a day. Unfortunately, when water tastes funky, it's difficult to drink the correct amount. A Berkefeld system will change your mind about water because it always tastes pure and delicious. We offer a complete line of British Berkefeld water purification systems in sizes for any need. Take a travel-sized Sport Berkey with you everywhere you go and always have a refreshing sip of pure water right at your fingertips. While you are at our website, please review our selection of Berkey and British Berkefeld water systems. If you have any questions about water safety or would like help in choosing the right water purification for your situation, please give us a call at 866-792-6201 during business hours.