Black Berkey Water Filter removes Radon 222

Radon (Rn) is a radioactive, tasteless and odorless gas that the Berkey Water filter system can remove from drinking water, making your water more pure. Big Berkey water filters and other models with Black Berkey filter elements are designed to remove radon because it is responsible for the majority of ionizing radiation found in public places and in the home.

The problem with Radon 222 is it can accumulate in enclosed places, in soil, and in places like your home and workplace. As it accumulates, your exposure to radioactive particles increases. The effects of this build up on the human body can cause sickness.

Removing radon 222 with a Berkey Water Filter can significantly reduce your exposure to this radioactive isotope.

New Millennium Concepts is the manufacturer of Black Berkey water filter elements. Their website states that Black Berkey water filter elements have been tested for Radon 222 and reduce Radon 222 to undetectable levels.