Berkey Water Filter

Selecting the right Berkey Water Filter has plenty to do with how you plan to use it. To make an excellent choice when you purchase your Berkey Water Filter, there are a number of things you must acknowledge first. As you probably already know, water is a fundamental element for all life. There is no way we can exist without it! Seeing that as human beings we are composed of 60% water and our brains alone are made up of 70% water, it is impossible to live without this vital natural element.

Unfortunately, not all water is created equal. In order to thrive, safe water is a must. This means water that is packed with minerals, not chemicals such as fluoride, arsenic, or chlorine, to name a few, or destructive parasites and bacteria. Today, discovering a good water source is not all that simple. This is where the Berkey Water Filter comes in. The Berkey Water Filter makes any water source drinkable. Whether a homeowner or renter, and you do not want the hassle of installing a water filter, the Berkey Water Filter is the perfect choice! There is nothing for you to install so you can take it just about anywhere, whether camping, hiking, or on a road trip!


Many times people may wonder about the difference between the older white-ceramic filters and the more up-to-date Berkey elements. Well, the white ceramic-filters removes only biological compounds and last for just six months. The Berkey Water Filter removes biological and chemical compounds and is good for 3000 gallons!

In addition, people question the amount of elements they should purchase for a family or group. This depends on the quantity of water you assume will be used by each person. You should select your Berkey Water Filter based upon each person's water use. This is important because there are several Berkey Water Filter systems.


  • Travel Berkey: holds 1.5 Gallons- flow rate at full expansion-2.75 gallons
  • Berkey Light: holds 2.75 gallons-flow rate at full expansion-4.25 gallons
  • Big Berkey: holds 2.25 gallons-flow rate at full expansion-3.5 gallons
  • Royal Berkey: holds 3.25 gallons-flow rate at full expansion-4.0 gallons
  • Imperial Berkey: holds 4.5 gallons-flow rate at full expansion-5.5 gallons
  • Crown Berkey: holds 6.0 gallons-flow rate at full expansion-6.5 gallons
Bear in mind, that the flow-rates can be around 20% less.


Berkey Water Filters incorporate six components. They are:

  • Lid on the unfiltered water-reservoir, upper chamber
  • Filter water-reservoir, lower chamber
  • Ceramic or Black Berkey Wicks within the unfiltered water-reservoir
  • Optional PF2-filters hanging in the sanitized water-reservoir from the Black or Ceramic Berkey Wicks
  • Clean water-reservoir
  • Spigot


Every Berkey Water System has a GPH, or gallons-per-hour rating and storage-capacity rating. It is vital to comprehend these two-ratings because of their importance in helping you decide which system to purchase. For instance, GPH is decided by the quantity of gallons of water that can be processed by the Berkey System per hour. Clean water-reservoir means the quantity of water stored after being-processed.


The GPH of your Berkey Water Filter is decided by the following criteria:

  • The amount of water in the unfiltered water-reservoir
  • The number of filter elements installed in the unfiltered-water-reservoir
  • How unclean the unfiltered-water is


The clean water reservoir determines the quantity of water you can store at any given time exclusive of a secondary water storage apparatus like a water-bag or other container.


How many Individuals will be utilizing the Berkey Water Filter?

This question is vital because it will be a determining factor for which size filter you should order. If only two people are utilizing the Berkey Water Filter, your requirements will differ from a family looking to supply uncontaminated safe water for four or five individuals, or a company where numerous people may be using the filter.

Don't forget that one-gallon of water per day per individual is what you would need to live. Three gallons per person per day is a high comfort level at best. Berkey Water Filters are categorized by the quantity of water they store hold within their clean-water tank and the quantity of water that is possible per hour to filter.

For instance, a couple requires at least one gallon of water daily per individual to survive, or roughly two gallons per-day. The Berkey Light is capable of holding 2.75 gallons of clean water, and is ample enough to last through a twenty four hour period. This filter can filter four gallons of water per hour when the upper reservoir is filled.

What is the Quantity of water you want to generate per-hour with the Berkey Water Filter?

You can boost the quantity of water you generate per-hour by taking two actions. First, you can put in supplementary filter-elements if your system has open-holes. For the Travel Berkey and Berkey Light, you are restricted to two filters. The Imperial Berkey can store up to eight filters.

The additional factor that will determine the quantity of water you can produce per hour is water pressure or gravity. There is nothing you can do as far as gravity is concerned; however, you can increase water pressure on your Black Berkey filters by keeping your unfiltered water reservoir topped off, then you can decide if you want to buy a bigger Berkey Water Filter system that preserves more water in the unfiltered water reservoir. When additional water is held in your unfiltered water reservoir, your filter elements will be under additional pressure.

Which System should you Choose?

The answer to this question will depend on a number of actors. For example, at DisasterStuff.com the idea is to fill two holes on the Imperial Berkey with Black Berkey filters and plug-up the remaining six. Afterward, if the need comes up, you have two full sets of substitute elements to draw from. That means a sum of sixteen filter elements or eight two packs. However, when you are considering survival a back up plan is vital to be prepared in case unanticipated needs arise.


1. It eradicates parasites and bacteria, heavy metals like mercury and lead, VOCs and toxic chemicals like chromium 6, benzene and chlorine to levels nearly 100%, but without taking away vital minerals. Therefore, your water retains a neutral pH balance.

2. The fluoride arsenic filters eradicate 95% of arsenic and fluoride. The fluorosilicic acid they throw into our water is a toxic waste product of the phosphate fertilizer trade. It pollutes the body, harms your teeth, and the majority of filtration systems do not eliminate it; however, the Berkey Water Filter does.

3. There is no need for water pressure or electricity. It works via gravity! All you have to do is pour water into the top chamber and it filters down into the bottom chamber sanitized and ready for drinking.

4. It's easy to transport. It's ideal for vacations like road trips or camping and handy in times of emergency situations such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and most types of disasters. You will never have to worry about not having enough clean drinking water since the Berkey Water Filter even purifies river and pond water!

5. The Berkey Water Filter is cost effective. Even if you have the Big Berkey two-gallon model. It may set you back a couple of hundred bucks, but the two filters inside will sanitize 6,000 gallons of water before it needs to be replaced! If you drink ten-gallons of water per week, it would last you approximately eleven years costing less than two-cents per gallon. Most water-filters last only three to six months! The Berkey-Water Filter is as practical as you can get.


Berkey Water Filters surpass EPA NSF/ANSI regulations for filtration, and is therefore categorized as water purifiers. Berkey-Water Filters are frequently used to decontaminate non-potable water by relief-organizations like the Red Cross, Peace Corps, UNICEF, and Missionary associations.


Assembling the Berkey Water Filter takes less than thirty minutes. In such a short period of time, you can be drinking purified, fresh, healthy water anytime you want. Some of the set up time will be used washing the complete system. The only part of assembly that many individuals will have no experience with is charging the filters. This procedure is carried out by holding the filter against a water faucet utilizing a gasket supplied while pushing water through the Berkey Water Filter. This process ensures that the filters are sanitized and capable of filtering water.

The directions will suggest throwing away the first three-batches of water the unit filters. The Berkey Water Filter system online site has a fantastic help section. By watching the videos, you can cut down on your assembly time and find solutions to any unanswered questions. Many consumers who purchased the Berkey Water Filter are surprised how delicious the water taste. It is hard to believe that such clean and healthy water comes from a unit that is so easy to put together and use!


Without getting too convoluted, a few methodologies are used by the Berkey purification elements. The elements consists of a formulation of over half dozen various media types built into a very fine matrix producing millions of micro fine apertures. The apertures are so tiny that pathogenic bacteria, parasites, cysts, sediment and sedimentary minerals cannot get through them. The media formulation both takes in some pollutants and adsorbs other pollutants.

After that, heavy metal ions are removed via an Ion exchange process where they are fundamentally electrically bonded to the media. Finally, the filter elements are developed so that each water molecule can take a few minutes to pass through the filter elements, whereas these molecules passing through other filtration systems go through those filters in actual microseconds. The longer the water molecules are in contact with any media, the better the elimination of the numerous contaminates.

Keeping things uncomplicated from a filtration viewpoint, the Black Berkey Filter's out the identical chemicals and pollutants that the Super Sterasyl Ceramic Filters do, but they do much more by eradicating up to 95% of the MTBE's, lead, and other heavy-metals. Additionally, because the Black Berkey's are water contaminators, they will filter bacterial to an almost 100% level and viruses, like e-coli and others, to the exact same level. Moreover, the Black-Berkey's filter out chlorine to untraceable levels, while the ceramics remove only 90% of chlorine.

Arsenic filters and PF-2 Fluoride comes with the testing unit to eradicate the over abundance of fluoride that is in the public drinking water in many US cities. Activated-Alumina is the component utilized in these filters to get rid of arsenic and fluoride. The units can be bought independently from the component since their filtering-life is less than the Black Berkey filters.


Because the Berkey Water Filter is somewhat slow due to the gravity filtration technique, it is smart to store some water, especially if you use your water for other things besides drinking it like cooking and fermenting.

Depending on your water and the amount of calcium and various minerals that are in it, you may want to sanitize the black filters frequently. A number of individuals can go longer times without cleaning their Berkey Water Filter, and others have to do a cleaning once a month. The factors are different for each household and are greatly determined by the use and what contaminates are being filtered. This may seem tedious to some; however, it is a small price to pay for clean, healthy water!

The number of times you have to clean and re-prime will vary; it depends on your water-source. In fact, you should leave the Berkey Water Filter alone until it has slowed considerably, or is not filtering at all prior to cleaning it. The less you fiddle with the filter, the better.

Overall, the Berkey Water Filter is a dynamite system that is well worth the cost and whatever else is necessary in order to keep it in tip-top shape. After the necessity of taking the system apart and washing the filters, the Berkey Water Filter has proven to be well worth it after you get a taste of your refreshing, clean, 99.99999% purified water!

Even though you can purchase "purified" water from grocery stores, there's nothing like taking part in the purifying process yourself. Besides, at least you know that your water is "really" purified and delicious thanks to your Berkey Water Filter. The Berkey Water Filter is economically sound, easy to assemble, and does what it says it will do. Its ease of use is what makes the Berkey Water Filter so extra special. What more can you ask for in a well designed water purifying system