Alex Jones Water Filter

As a champion of freedom and the constitution as it was originally intended, Alex Jones, the famed talk show host featured on Youtube.com, USA Today, The Austin-American Statesman, and many other nationally recognized news sources, has long recommended that every freedom loving American become self reliant and prepared for the systematic collapse of America and its economy. As part of his warning, Alex has featured theBerkey Water Filter and purifier on his radio show and on his website through Berkey advertisers. For years, Berkey water filters have been promoted on the GCN Network of radio stations.

Berkey water filters provide clean safe water to many patriots across the United States and are an excellent choice for disaster preparedness. Get a Berkey Water Filter today and maintain your freedom through self reliance.


Travel Berkey Big Berkey Royal Berkey
Travel Berkey Big Berkey
Purified water for up to 2 People Purified water for up to 4 People Purified water for up to 6 People

Imperial Berkey Crown Berkey Sport Berkey
Crown Berkey Water Filter Imperial Berkey Go Berkey Water Filter
Purified water for up to 20 People Purified water for more than 20 People Purified water for One Person


Because Alex Jones and other radio hosts are concerned with national and world events, many of their listeners are looking for water filters that can supply safe water during a disaster or economic collapse. We have estimated below each filter how many people the filter can support should an emergency occur. These are only estimates and many people choose to super size their filter so they can be ready for unexpected guests.

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